Sunday, July 7, 2013


Rain Glorious Rain

I'm praying this rain puts out the fire in our mountains.
It  always happens this way,
right after the fourth, cool down a bit and then rain.

I am working on some custom canvases.
French doors wide open so I can 
enjoy the sound on the tin roof.
Old movies on the tube, 

and when not, I switch to Mathis.

The best "drink your wine
and bawl your eyes out CD",
and then you replay it

then switch to  
Joan Jett

to say my musical taste is diverse



right as rain


Anonymous said...

There are too many genres of music not to enjoy them all. I think if people only listen to country or only classical, they are missing out. I too listen to a wide variety... Oh, and it's raining here too! STILL.....

June said...

Can you come and teach me that dance??? Better yet...come to Carey and show me how it's done :)))))))
lots of love...

Tracey Broome said...

Yay for rain, I have tried to not complain too much about all the rain we have had knowing how badly you guys need it out that way,but honestly our ground is so wet it won't hold anymore,we are having flooding everywhere,jeez what is the planet doing?!
If its music, I like it, no matter what, I even like Black Sabbeth, haha :-)

joanne said...

LOVE that Jonny Mathis song...oh my...whaaaaaa! Yes, you have some eclectic taste in music, we would get along just fine. Glad you've got your rain but don't send it here yet, let me soak in the glorious sun for a few more days.

Karen said...

great rain shot! and Joan always brings me back to my high school days, when we'd cut glass and drive to Jersey, just to do it.

Nella said...

Hi Suz, great photo op! It has been raining everyday here for over a week or so...then hot and the humidity so stifling, hard for me to breathe....hope the fires there get under control....craziness going on everywhere it seems with Mother Nature this year....N.xo

Lana said...

oh yeah!! Johnny Mathis (any song!), rain, and some quiet time! Woo hoo! I go Mathis, Elton John, James Taylor, and Bonnie Rait! Throw in some Oklahoma Garth Brooks ("Friends in Low Places")...
and Mother Nature is not finished with us yet! Our environment is taking hits every day. Just my humble opinion...

Romeo said...

The sound of rain on a tin roof...nothing better except maybe knowing that same rain is helping to put out those terrible fires. Yes, now that is tops for sure!

As for your musical tastes - right there with you! So I'm thinking we are normal and everyone else is....well heck let's just say it's good that you are letting them know what they are missing ;)

Hugs and purrs,

"her" and Romeo (who did his own rain dance so he could send it there and go out here and play in the yard)

Jackie said...

We were driving home from calif. with the thundercloud chasing us! As soon as we got in the door the rainclouds let loose, wow, that was a doosy, but it did not last long enough to suit me..I needed just a little longer rain!

Kathy said...

Oh my, nothing like a good rain after a hot spell. It washes away the dust and I always imagine I can hear my garden sigh with relief.
I'm on it with Joan Jet but not so much with the crooners. Have to admit I like it a little grittier (read Joe Cocker singing Unchain My Heart or Rock Your Gypsy Soul).

Carole said...

Are you sure that's rain looks like snow. How I'd love a little snowstorm right now.
Mathis really? but Joan is still hot!

miss coming over to see what you've been up to girly

Jillayne said...

I love rock 'n roll.... How can you not??
Like you, I enjoy so many different types of music... Which makes my husband happy as he has such eclectic taste...except I very much dislike Bach when it's organ music - honestly, it's no wonder they invented scary movies! What else could you possibly do with music like that?????

Boxwood Cottage said...

Hip hip hurray for the rain!
I sent it your way and it worked so yay ;-)
Happy rain dancing Z!

Cindy said...

I love Johnny Mathis! Swoon.....
I am glad that you got some rain, we are SUPPOSE to get some next week....I hope the forecasters are right!

smartcat said...

Hi.....I found you via Tracey Broome. I hope your rain continues and the forest fires get under control.
I am in Southern New England and we have had a very wet summer. What we call 'a summer of the bug' due to the high insect population. I actually had a lightening bug in my bedroom last night......and my, didn't the kitties enjoy that!
I'm enjoying exploring your blog....air conditioning, what is that?