Saturday, June 22, 2013


The bucket is still here,
and still needed.. 
Unfortunately by me today.

I broke off a chunk of a back molar.
Now that is distressing,
but luckily it cannot be seen, so 
my first thought was thank you universe
for that much..
 but that isn't what freaks me out....
it's paying for it that freaks me out.

You see I have no dental insurance so this will cost me
Big Bucks and just after having to pay 
$5500 for a new air conditioner in May.
Well, not paying exactly, charging....
( thank heaven for perfect credit and low interest)

Insert.... Ginormous....SIGH 


Currently I am paying $400.00 a month
 for a medical insurance policy with a $10,000 deductible,
so no way can I afford eye or dental.
Yep, that is NOT a typo...
I have paid between $400-500 a month for over 10 years
for private insurance, and never see a Dr.
because I cannot afford to go.
I have to carry insurance because 
A. I don't ever want to lose my home due to medical debt.
B. I don't believe I should allow other decent tax paying
folks like myself to carry my burdens.

So when the idiots in Congress delay
health coverage reform
when American citizens are so uninformed about
insurance reform that they impede progress,
when insurance is FOR PROFIT,
when folks who have excellent affordable group 
coverage, abuse it...

I am pissed!
Stomp my feet,
Shake my fist at the air,
curse the blue blazes
So into the **** It Bucket it all goes...

No sad songs for me - I always manage.

so how goes it with you?
got anything to dump in here?

Dump away my gal pals,
right here below at this link
or turn right up top.... to the **** It Bucket


NMK said...

Boy do I hear you !!!! I had to go to the ER last week & sit & wait 6 hours.....stupid people in there causing major delays because they have the Flu or damn eye infection....isn't the ER for serious trauma ??? Any why do they bring their whole freaking family including babies crawling around the germ infested place ???? Cell phones ringing & talking really loud ....enough to really give you a heart attack !!!!

Colleen Potter said...

HI, sorry to hear about your tooth. I was in the same position a few years ago - had broken a few teeth and finding it very expensive to repair. Then I heard about Los Algodones - in Mexico just across from Yuma. I went there to a referred dentist and had 6 crowns done as well as some other work - all expertly done - quickly and very little pain - all for the price of what I would have paid for 1 crown here in Canada. While there I also bought 2 new pairs of glasses. 1 for computer work and 1 pair for everyday for much, much less than I would pay here. I would highly recommend the trip. I stayed in Yuma and traveled 20 minutes to the dentist in los algondones for 4 appointments to complete the work.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Oh health insurance don't get me started! I can't even afford the high cost coverage you have! I pray all the time that I stay healthy until something is done with health insurance or for two more years and I turn 65 and hope there is still medicare. I'll dump this in with your rant in the buckeroo!

Kathy said...

So agree on the health insurance!! I am fortunate to have group coverage at work (NOT free) but the cost of private insurance is the single thing that will determine whether I can retire at 62 or have to continue working to at least 65. You plan for your retirement and then it comes down to that. Who knew!

Sonja of Hickety Pickety said...

We've also have had our own private insurance...both me and the husband for over 25 years...yes it's expensive, but if you set up an HSA plan through the bank at least you can write off the money you spend on dental and medical on your taxes...just a thought.

You can deposit up to $5,000 a year per person in the HSA and it's tax free. You can't deduct your premiums, but you can deduct anything dental and medical related...prescriptions, etc.

It doesn't keep the sting out of having to come up with the money, but at least it does come off your taxes this way.

Sorry to hear about your tooth...I myself had a simple cleaning and 2 fillings last month and it was $470. My dentist knows I'm self insured and gives us 5% discount...every little bit helps.

Jenny Woolf said...

That is so shocking. I think the insurance companies I have to deal with here is bad enough - like, they only wish to insure you if they can be almost certain you will never claim....AND if they can make a huge profit - but at least we have a free health service. And I moan about the NHS...and the politicians are doing all they can to destroy it, and it is crumbling and so on... But boy am I grateful for it. I admire you for quite rightly not wanting to put the burden onto others but a shame you cannot afford to protect your eye health.

Mind you, dental treatment in the UK is mostly private, because what you get on the NHS is so basic - and it still costs - and more than some people can afford.

Cozy Little House said...

My ex stopped having to pay COBRA for me May 1. After my ongoing trouble with the breaking both sides of my right ankle surgery a year ago, I have wracked up a lot of debt, even with it. So now I have no insurance. Even if I could afford to see a doctor, none will see me because I don't have insurance. I am trying my best to find reasonable insurance that will take me, but I couldn't begin to afford $400 a month. My generic meds are close to $1000 a month. Tis a disgrace, the fear continually stoked in us because of the lack of good health care in this country! And I blame Congress for this piddling along!

helen tilston said...

So sorry to hear of your major expenses. You need to find a leprechaun with a pot of gold.
Sending fond wishes


Donna Wilkes said...

I do have dental insurance, but only to a certain amount and for certain things. I am in the middle of 18 months of gum surgeries and dental work at the price of a small car. So dump that in the bucket for me!

Razmataz said...

I don't have dental insurance and have had to have some pretty major work. We do have in Canada a great medical system. Every citizen has the same coverage regardless of income. We are very lucky. It is paid by employers (a percentage of wages) and also as a percentage of your income but is very minimal and although there are clearly areas lacking, no Canadian fears having medical bills. It just doesn;t happen. In fact, we never see a bill. We just hand over our provincial health card and it's all covered. I know there have been ads on US TV stating our system has long waits, but it is a system that identifies fairly sucessfully which people can wait.

Claudia said...

I hear you. For a long time we were covered by the Screen Actors Guild plan, but then work fell off and we had to scrabble. Currently we pay about $400 a month for catastrophic coverage. I very seldom go to the doctor. We need Health Care Reform now. No one should be uninsured in this country - we lag far behind most every other country in the world.


Jillayne said...

It seems a completely broken system when you look at it from this side of the border - not that ours is completely great but at least it doesn't cost the earth... I do remember when the Canadian government introduced Medicare in the 60s, that it was very divisive and even my parents weren't all that happy about it the day we had to go register - I am grateful every day for it.
I wonder if Congress would feel the way they do if all their benefits were stripped away and they had to pay?
This is a great topic for your bucket z, and I wish you good luck with your tooth.

The Boston Lady said...

I would like to dump our medical bills for the first six months of the year into the bucket please. Although they would be so much greater without the insurance. I would also like to dump my frustration with the pricing system (or lack thereof) hospitals have for various procedures, specialists, medicines, rooms, everything(!). And it's all different depending on your insurance coverage, or lack of. I would also like to throw into the bucket my hatred of steroids and some doctors who claim that there is no such thing as having adverse reactions to them. There. Better. Thanks. Hope tooth gets fixed. Super Glue? Ann

Jackie said...

We are self employed and pay 350.00a month for coverage, with high deductable. It is just there incase we end up in hospital. I have a great dentist here (lv), gives us discounts for cash and they are so gentle I had a ton of work done and now pay 100.00 for my cleaning twice a year. That includes xrays and treatments! Email me if you are interested in the office, they are so gentle and I never feel pain with the cleanings!

Curtains in My Tree said...

I can relate to everything your saying about insurance
when I was 56 the company I worked for the last 26 years of my life was down sizing and offering BIG $$$$$money to take early retirement lump sum package 2 years severance pay
AND paid medical insurance for life !!! so of course I took it and 42 others and then in 2 years they dropped our medical insurance
and our union stewards knew they going going to do this but talked us into this great deal
so I am paying Big bucks for medical insurance and God forbid if I have to be admitted to the hospital again with my Huge deductible $$$$.$$

You got me going didn't you ???? LOL

We are going to be without insurance if it gets any worst

Charlene said...

I feel your pain!!!! Hubby is in The Risk Pool & we have paid $1,120.00 an month for him for YEARS! With a $2,500 deductible. Me... I've been paying $932 with the same deductible Yep! $2,052.00 a month for the two of us. Isn't that grand? NO!!!!!!!!!!! That's what self employed with health issues cost us each month!