Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cannot Stop

The love affair continues.
If you saw yesterday's post,
you know I have a new obsession.

While having one of my long chats tonight 
with my pal Carole I worked on this one.
The light in my home is dismal at best, and at night,
well, I propped it in the kitchen to try and show Carole as
I had told her what I was doing as we talked.
So lousy light, lousy color but you get the gist.
This is a very muddy mustard,
with brown/cream stripes.

Striped the edges. 
I used to do that on all my canvases years ago.

The paint under my nails, 
up my arms, on my old pj's....
yep painting in pj's.
My vintage pitcher used for washing brushes,
my now vintage Marie Callander pie plates used as palettes..
I'm diggin' it I tell ya.

See the tornado in the center?

Think I'll go start another one, it's only 9:00 p.m.

I'm thinking..

"The power of forgiveness
The power of grace"

Those two lines....
well this song.... saved me.

I have seven canvases left from other classes
I taught years ago.
I'm going to keep going until
 they're used up and then we'll see if I head out with 
coupons to get those nice juicy thick ones I prefer.

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend,
and to some of you..
rain rain go away....



Tracey Broome said...

No one loves words like my daughter, when I have a project that calls for words, I turn to her. These word boards are fantastic! What better way to spend time than with paint and magical letters!

Razmataz said...

You REALLY need an etsy shop. People will love these and you can customize to songs and children's books.....

Linda @ A La Carte said...

OK you are having just too much fun doing these! :)

erin said...

holy crap on a stick...i love, love, lervve these canvases!!! great job, now stock up your store, these will fly out!!

Kathy said...

Z, it is wonderful to hear you sounding so happy, especially at this time of year. I do love this artwork. Seems like that song might have been just the right medicine. Funny how music can be that way.

Jillayne said...

That's one of my favourite quotes ever!! I have been meaning to make a sign to hang outside my sewing room door for years with that quote on it - love it z.
Keep having fun! I'm having fun watching!!

Robin Larkspur said...

Hi Z! This post and your last one are wonderful. Fantastic idea, you must be having a blast with all these words. Makes me want to jump into words and paint too!
Doing okay here in our little corner of the world. Thanks for your support and encouragement. Hugs, Robin.

joanne said...

love it! And I can tell you are having a blast...have a great weekend.

Romeo said...

I guess I've been away to long. You've created an art installation and I'm just not seeing it. Ah the joy I could have had earlier if only I'd logged on....that'll teach me! And now I also have another song and artist to add to my music list! What a beautiful voice and great song! I'll be sure and come back. Sooner.

Hugs from me and purrs from him.

The Boston Lady said...

Z, are you going to start selling these? Think of all the custom jobs you could do. I love them... Ann