Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Underneath It All

Pared down to the core
Revealing what is really 
underneath it all.

Fluffy and cute but burdened with 
too much, can't see clearly.

Leave it to me to use dog grooming as a metaphor

what do you need to shed?

everyone will tell you what 
they believe 
you and your home
look like

But what if that is not you?
Should you have what the Jones' have?
More importantly does every wish need to,
deserve to be, fulfilled?
We cannot all be best in show.
Should we even attempt to be?

I WILL tell you
to have only what works for you;
not what any blog, or magazine
or tv show demonstrates.

If it's stored in old boxes,
shoved in closets,
cluttering up the garage
so that you can't even park in there
then it does not have value.

I am NOT saying
do not have stuff.
I have stuff.

If it no longer works for me,
out it goes..sold, given to friends, or donated.

I AM saying
your stuff should matter,
if it is in your home,
if it's important to you,
then it deserves a place of honor.
Storing relatives' belongings in boxes
because of guilt is not honoring that person,
or their possessions. 
Holding on to anything you May
need in the future should be evaluated honestly.

My clients are rolling their eyes - 
they've heard it ad nauseam

Home size has gone from an average
983 square feet in the 1950's
up to 2300 sq feet in the 2000's,
average remember..50% have even more space
while family size has decreased with each census,
 and yet.....

Storage facilities increased over 75%
in the past 12 years alone, and most report 90% occupancy
and the average length of use is over 15 months.
Average credit card debt is $7,000.
More distressing... if you look only at households with 
debt it rises to $15,000.

I am beating a very dead horse, I know..
I'm entitled to as an old grey mare
but while walking yesterday I saw many open garages
piled nearly to the ceiling-front to back-side to side
with an aisle to walk through
 broken and leaning boxes...
2000 square feet inside of the home


what matters is 
underneath it all