Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gone To The Birds

A few years back I spent untold hours
each evening
 watching a pair of eagles nest 
and eggs hatch and eaglets fledge
on a live feed.
I gasped each time one of them seemed
 perilously near the edge and 
nearly wept at the nest covered in snow and winds blowing
 so hard that my eyes would sting in sympathy..
When they were calling to each other,
Howie and Justice could hear them
 and they'd run in circles and bark.
Indoor exercise
To say I was obsessed is a gross understatement;
me and a couple hundred thousand others were the club.

I stumbled across these new guys through 
another world conservancy charitable group
 I help and now...

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology 
remains #4 in my bookmark bar

I waited anxiously for this to arrive

and loved every sure to visit all the links
and marvel at the commitment of these men.
8 years 18 expeditions

It's only 4 minutes to watch this...

big day 2013 is coming up in a few weeks

and now I am addicted once more.

Meet Big Red and Ezra

red tail hawks

Reality TV
for real

Grab a cup of Joe,
your kids, your grand kids
 and marvel at this planet.

Sonja have some tea 



Tracey Broome said...

I watched an eagle bird cam from nearby Jordan Lake last year, I would sit and watch like it was a daytime TV drama! but even better
if you like bird videos check out these on my blog from last year, I helped out a little family of wrens that we called as a group Lowrenzo. Taking care of them got me through a nasty skin cancer surgery

wendy said...

Have you heard of Purple Martens. My husband belongs to THAT conservancy and he loves those birds. They fly here from Brazil and we have a lovely big bird house for them to nest in and bring up babies.....he bands them, and see which ones return.
Nothing like the wonders of nature to keep you humble and in awe.

Anonymous said...

the live cam on the hawks is awesome...thanks for sharing the link...I'll try to keep up with how they're doing...watched eagles last was fantastic...watching the commitment of the parents...watching the babies was interesting you could see cars going by on the roads when the wind blew I couldn't believe how calm they all were...when it appeared the tree was moving 2 or 3 feet in each direction...amazing

The Boston Lady said...

Well, that helped me make a decision. I want to be a birder when I grow up! Thanks for providing these links. I will be checking up on this hawk family now. I sit every evening and watch all the new (to me) types of birds who grace my backyard and am just amazed by their beauty, seeming fragility, intelligence and resilience. Baby birds are fascinating and the protective instincts of their parents are amazing. We humans could take a page from their book. Ann

Kit said...

So very cool! My Ospreys just flew back and the best reality show around is starting! We get it all and I can't wait to view each morn. Our couple is Iris and Stan. Kit

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Two years ago we had Eagles nest near our home and we watched for hours with binoculars and took photos with a long lens. It was great. I completely understand!


Kathy said...

We have a "raptur cam" here in Portland where we watch a nesting hawk each Spring. I think half the city flipped out one year when a plastic shopping bag appeared in the nest. Everyone was afraid the babies would suffocate so one of the bird folks from the zoo went up there and took it out. The very next day there was another bag and it turned out mama was putting them in there on purpose. Maybe protecting the babies from the rain??

Nella said...

Oh Suz, this is beautiful...we have hawks in our woods, and of course they nest in our century old trees....I think that is why I am the person I am, because I am surrounded by the beauty of Nature and I am in awe of her gifts and power every day...I am so humbled by it all...N.xo

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

We were lucky enough one summer to watch Osprey's across the bay through kids were little and each visit to Nana and Papa's beach house was truly an adventure!