Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Tree Up

Last tree #8 is up.
Oops see a hole.
Found an ornament down on the table and 
wondered where it came from. 
Now I see.

Packages are for darling Daughter's B-day.

That's all for today.
Moving a little slower lately, no heat 
in the house until next week.
My heater bravely survived 18 years before 
succumbing a few weeks back.
I know you guys with snow have it rough, but concrete 
foundations and tile floors
and only stucco walls makes 60 degrees
 feel like 45-50 inside. 

My trusty red sweatshirt, fuzzy slippers and hot lattes 
are getting me through.

How are you all doing? 
Anyone done with the decorating yet?
Seems like many of us are a wee bit behind this year.
Maybe it's because we are just not ready 
to see this decade pass.
2011 sounds so futuristic to me.
It's only one day from one decade to the
 next but it seems so much grander somehow.
uh, oh I'm starting to philosophize, better 
fire up another latte.


Blondie's Journal said...

The tree has tons of charm...I love it! Glad to hear you are surviving without heat...we wouldn't. It is cold and snowing, just heard a plow go by. 'Tis the season. Come over for a warm latte!


Suzann said...

The tree and all the decorations are so beautiful!!!

Hope you get your heat on soon and it doesn't get any colder for you!!

Happy Holidays!!

Tammy said...

Is that a typo? 8 trees decorated and you're a wee bit behind???HUH??? Mercy!
I feel a little lame right now...thought I was doing good getting my ONE tree up yesterday! LOL!
That corner is so beautiful..I'm swooning big time over all that creamy ironstone!
Love the tree!!
Hope you get heat soon...although I can do with out the heat easier than I can the A/C!!
Have a great weekend!
Tammy :-)

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

Oh no....I'm SORRY to hear your heating's had the 'richard'....Not the best time of the year to be without it....!!

I'm LOVIN' your tree....It looks so magical all lit up....Where on earth did you get the energy to decorate EIGHT trees though....hahahahaha....!!

Have a FABULOUS weekend & KEEP the hot water bottle close by....!

Cheers for now,
Tamarah :o)

time worn interiors said...

Wow! Eight trees! Girl you got energy! This one is so adorable!

A Cottage Muse said...

I finished my decorating the first weekend of December for a little party I threw. Although I have added a few hand made things here and there. Sending warm thoughts your way...hee hee!!

Jillayne said...

I'm on board with simple touches - mine are so simple you wouldn't notice 'em (I haven't started yet!) Sunday and Monday should conspire to transform the house. And, my very own Darling Daughter is here to help. (Funny you call yours that - my Dad referred me to that way all the time too, in a cheeky way!).
I remember being pretty cranky at the 1999/2000 new Year - an amazing time and there was so much fear mongering here in B.C. that no one would have or attend a party of any kind - no restaurants, bars, hotels or anything would put on an event and no one would go out - just daft. I couldn't even convince people to come to my house for brunch on New Year's day.
Best I could do was get up very early, make a hot drink and walk to a favourite spot where I sat by myself and watched the sun rise on a new century. It was one of the most reflective, peaceful and hopeful moments of my life and I think back on it with so much gratefulness that I did it. This year I will do the same and think that it would be a lovely thing to do every year on New Year;s Day. I only wish I had done it with my kids when they were small...

beth said...

wow...8 trees ?
you really do love christmas :)