Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sale of Sales

Not the prettiest picture ever on OGM but
this is what I have been doing. This is why I have not
visited blogs and why I am a wee bit tardy on almost everything.

These are friends "shopping" the four rolling clothes racks
and 14 bins of shoes, t's, slacks and purses currently clogging
my living room.

You see, when I have garage sales at my home I allow
one preview night for close friends, usually the Friday before.
I'm not sure exactly how this sale veered so far off course,
but for the past five days I have had preview night,
afternoon AND morning.

The more the group of 5 has sold, (and we have sold a lot) the more
motivated we are to purge, and so daily arrivals of fresh
merchandise have occurred. This mean all the tables inside
the garage have to be re-staged and re-arranged by me
in order to accommodate.

We are having fun, laughing, sharing stories, catching up..
We are also exhausted, have new muscle strains and headaches, and
the sale isn't until Saturday!

Tomorrow I have declared to be the final preview night.
AS always I declare this will be my final sale EVER!
( They all laugh right in my face)

A peek at one of the 6 lineups in the garage.
( also not a pretty shot)
Local friends...see you tomorrow and/or 7:30 Sat

Next week we return to our regularly scheduled
programming with a surprise!



Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Funny as I'm reading your post I see an email from you!!
You're so good to have this sale at your house for your friends.
Sounds like they know you better then you do...haha
Good luck with everything...make lots of money!


E. Charlotte said...

Oooh! I wanna come! I wish I could :) I hope your sale goes great!

north pal said...

oh, looks so tempting. i am sure that i could find a few treasures. you know what they say, another man's trash is another man's treasure. i'm not saying that you have trash,it's just a saying. Bestest,Denise

oldgreymare said...

E Charlotte:

I wish you could be here too. We do have fun.


oldgreymare said...

North Pal:

Oh here and there we do have junk I'm sure :-) ..but just when we are sure no one will want to buy this thing or that thing....SOLD! There is no figuring it out...


sharon said...

What a fun moment this must be with your friends - far better than doing it alone.

Hope you enjoy a grand finale

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Looks like a lot of fun Suzan
I'd be hopelessly buying everything I'm sure...

Have fun and make a killing!!! xxx Julie

gail said...

Oh it looks like such fun!
They are tons of work, but it is a lot of fun. Especially when you count the $$$ at the end! Then you can buy more stuff!!! LOL

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Thank God you are far away...
Less to resist.LOL!!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Look at all that stuff! I wasn't going to have a garage sale this year, and then I cleaned out a bunch of stuff. When I thought about getting ready, I felt sick. So, I boxed it up and we are donating this year. No cash, but a hefty tax deduction.

Hope yours goes well. It would be more fun with friends.

Olive Cooper said...

Z, I went to a yard sale recently thatt was previewed with a party. Food and wine and such! But your idea of pre-viewing for friends is lovely. Rest well♥olive

Anonymous said...

Wow! Wish I was a local girl. Have a great time, Z!

Robyn said...

Suzan, that sounds like an AWESOME sale! I wish I could pop by! If you have a moment, I'm having a giveaway, so stop on by!

Debbie said...

Oh the horror....I love setting up the sale, but hate the tearing down, and finding spaces for leftover items. What a nice person you are to have "pre-sales".
Have fun!

sissie said...

I wish so much that I could be there. So much good stuff in those photos. I would just camp outside your door until opening time.


Romeo said...

WOW! Never heard of having a preview party....sounds like a lot of fun....and obviously work too by looking at all the stuff! Good thing I don't live closer....I might have been there every day LOL

"Her" and Romeo

Theresa said...

I soooooo wish I lived close enough to be at your sale! They are always so exhausting but I get the same way, as soon as the first day is done I think "what else can I get rid of" and Duane is usually a step ahead of me and pulling things out of my little barn! Have a great time, but remember if you sell all of your things you AND your house will be naked on Sunday!!!LOL!!! T. xoxo