Friday, September 10, 2010

A Different Reflection

Those who know me intimately, realize I view things slightly
different than the way most people do. I am also known to
ponder an idea or problem upside down, inside out and
sideways until I feel that I have a clear vision of how to proceed,
or that I am aware of all potential versions and possibilities.

When confronted with issues I am commonly the participant to play
devils advocate to the problem and try to walk in the other guys shoes;
(dearest Pam can attest- I think she rolls her eyes now when I say,
"playing devils advocate").

Sorry, I digress, but it does apply, hang in there with me.
So.......Chania's photo challenge this week was reflections, and on many
of my sleepless nights this past week I imagined mirrors and gentle waters,
flowing curtains, and ethereal images of angels......

Not my darling daughter's boob, er breast.

While editing some of my not so grand ideas, I scrolled past these
shots I snapped as she was leaving the house one afternoon.
A recently purchased t shirt provided her an added bonus...
A boob alert, a warning of impending breast-dom which DD and I
found hilarious.

Whenever light of any intensity hit her chest region,
a vivid, sparkling display of dancing ( bouncing?) fairy lights
proceeded her every step.

While technically appropriate with a theme of reflection,
( they do reflect the hell out of it don't they?)
it is not the lovely image you will find with the other
participants. Please visit all the other gals linking to
Razmataz whose minds aren't as twisted as mine.

I would blame the lack of sleep but I know close friends
would betray me in the comment section alerting you to the fact
that lack of sleep has nothing to do with my sense of humor...

If mine were still as "perky", I would have snapped up a
couple t's for me to wear everywhere, just to see the look on people
faces as I approached. C'mon can't you see it?
Fairy lights in the produce section, standing on-line at the post office,
6am Starbucks run.....

maybe it IS the lack of sleep....



Olive Cooper said...

Hehe, we are indeed kindred spirits! Love this post and you captured reflection YOUR way. hugs♥olive

Kit said...

OMG!! I just love this! I love the way your mind works. Did your daughter think you a bit crazy taking picts of her boob? :) Kit

Constance said...

I love your "point of view!" And, I love the photos! Truly reflections of light from your daughter's ... ahem ... shirt!

Jacqueline said...

Whatever is causing's great!
I LOVE your daughter having her very own disco-ball shirt! This is hilarious!

E. Charlotte said...

Oh I just love your blog! You always have me laughing and smiling! Great idea for your pictures! :) I wish I had fairy light proceeding my every step! :)

Jules said...

I'm tried too but that made me laugh. "Fairy Lights." LOL

Jules @ Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

Razmataz said...

Oh Suzan, that is so funny. Love the bouncing fairy lights!

I must remember that should I feel compelled to buy myself a sequined outfit.

The lights are so interesting though....I love how you captured them.

erin said...

hilarious!! milk coming out of my nose laughing here....i love this very creative approach to the assignment. mucho kudos!!! clap. clap. clap.

o.k. now go buy some tylenol pm or ibuprofen pm or just the pm (benadryl)........lack of sleeeep is not goooood.

nighty night, my sweet.

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

That is boobtastic!!! sorry I couldn't help it. Now I will blame it on the lack of sleep or too much antique dust I've been inhaling!
You're too funny btw,

Maureen said...

That is sooooo cool!

jojo said...

I swear we are twin sisters from different mothers! Well, except for the boob part...not so much. *sigh*

kluless said...

Totally cracked me up - thank you for the Saturday morning laugh!

The Boston Lady said...

How funny and how wonderful you will always know where she is when you need to find her! Enoyed your post very much. Look forward to returning again soon.

Bead and Needle said...

I LOVE this! You've made me laugh at the computer, and I will undoubtedly chuckle the rest of the day, as I remember the reflective boobs! Thanks for the smiles today!

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

LOVE it. you are hilarious!
cool shirt though :)

happy day!

Romeo said...

MOL - too funny! And regarding your sense of humor....we love it!!!! It's one of those qualities that endears you to both of us ;)

Romeo and "her"

June said...

You are so funny, you know! I definitely think you need one of these shirts Z, perky or not. Sending out boobie sparklys would be a hoot! Who would need a disco ball, with you around?
I so get your sense of humor,
hugs to you...

Maureen said...

Hey Suzan - I saw your comment about NO email address on my blog. I have one on my vintage blog but not on my gardening. What a doofus. Must fix that. So.... it is:

Drawn to The Sea said...

On certain girls, in the right light, there's the potential to blind everyone in the dance hall ;-)