Friday, July 9, 2010

Uh Oh!

Why you should not stop by a bead store when one friend is sad
and the other is sad for her. You participate in too much
retail therapy. But then you have a good lunch shared with Darling Daughter,
many laughs and worry about the credit card bill when you get home. Uh OH!

I had better get working.

Since many have inquired:
My email is under my photo in the sidebar and
in my profile if you wish to contact me about
any of the pieces already posted or soon to be posted.
I will not be putting them into the shop right away, so you may
purchase directly from me.


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Theresa said...

Sounds like a good day to me! You and your friend are both lucky to have one another so that there is always a therapist on hand! Then lunch with your daughter... perfect day! The bead choices look beautiful, can't wait to see your creations, Theresa

joanne said...

That is my kind of day. Can't wait to see your creations! Have a good weekend.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Ohhhhh I can see beautiful creations in your future!!!!

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Must always help a sad friend out by helping her doubt about that.


Sounds like you had a GREAT TIME.

Bead and Needle said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh - the old "sad friend trap"! Ran into Sarah on a "bead store junket" of my own Tuesday. The jewelry pieces are B-E-A-YOU-TIFUL! I remember someone, just a short while ago, telling me she "couldn't do jewelry". I think you're a ringer!

glor said...

Hmmmmm, retail therapy ... sounds like a good thing to me. Looking forward to see what you will be making from your therapy. Have a lovely weekend.

Claire de Lune said...

Maybe "Uh Oh" for you, but "Oh My" for us. Emotions, even sad ones, can stir up the most amazing creative ideas. With all the beauty you just purchased...."Oh My" the beauty you will create.

I think you are going to turn me back on to wearing jewelry, Uh Oh!

June said...

Suzan I can't get over your lovely pieces. They are all just so beautiful. I have never tried to make jewelry, because I know it would become another addiction. And you know I don't need another one of those. I do everything to excess as you can tell that about me from my garden.
It's always scary to go shopping with a friend in need. hehe

Ms Bingles Vintage Christmas said...

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Have a good afternoon!

Norine/Henderson, NV USA said...

Gorgeous bracelets!
Where is your shop located?

Barbara Jean said...

I'm enjoying my stroll through your blog.

Thanks for such loveliness.


barbara jean