Sunday, July 18, 2010

Goodbye Bessie

Well, that's a confusing start to a post in July.

Bessie was purchased in 1999

Dark green Ford Taurus 4 door with grey upholstery - 6 cylinder.
I didn't pick her out. She just arrived in my driveway after my saying
"Get whatever you think is best."

Loyal and trustworthy, for four years she ferried children to and from schools,
music lessons, band practices and soccer games.

Dearest Son got his drivers license and needed a car, so Bessie was handed
over to him, where she acquired a few scrapes, bumper stickers and
some stains on the carpet. She stayed with Ben in Tucson for four years as he
attended college and made the trips home for summers and holidays.

When Ben moved to Portland three years ago he left in his new car,
and Darling Daughter was handed the keys to Bessie. Bessie acquired a
few more dings, even more bumper stickers ( some x rated much to my dismay)
and a spider man steering wheel cover, and fragrance dangle for the mirror.
Through it all, Bessie never gave us a lick of trouble, except for some new tires,
a battery or two and many prompt oil changes and car washes.

Three years later Bessie was parked and sat waiting for
Hannah to return from college.
School in New York City means no vehicle required for the next 4 years.
There was no room in the garage for her, so she
sat outside dusty and dirty and looking forlorn,
except for the ride around the block I gave her now and then.

Knowing she would not be used by anyone in the near future,
the time had come for Bessie to move on. Hannah's best friend
since kindergarten has an older brother who was looking for
a "good deal on a great used car".
Enter Bessie.
Bessie knew this family well having visited their home many times.

I had her scrubbed, polished and detailed and with some minor repairs,
she found a new home a few blocks away. We will still get to see her now
and then, and probably for many more years. You see Bessie is still
only 75,000 miles young. There is a lot of life left in her.
Goodbye Bessie.

(The photo is Bessie bravely bearing up under the freak Vegas snow storm
of 2008. She started right up!)

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erin said...

goodbye old bessie! off to a new home! and low mileage too! wow. i've been driving my beloved 1999 jeep for a long time and plan to keep her til she dies......

Shellbelle said...

Seems Old Bessie has served your family well and will now do the same for someone new. How nice that she got a make-over before moving on.

Sarah said...

How could you post a picture with snow when I'm literally melting? No, I mean literally.Thank god it'll be a balmy 103 by next Saturday.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Bessie survived how many teenage drivers????? Bessie is one lucky girl!!!! LOL!!!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said... kids had what they called "the old lady car". We really did get it from a little old lady, with only 20,000 miles on it. It lasted through both kids and it was very sad when we let her go.

June said...

Hi Z,
Hey we had a car like that, only he went through four of our daughters. He hit a deer twice,(body work required both times). Two different daughters driving with each deer. Kenny gave us all he had until finally a new son-in-law totaled him and put an end to his misery. What a great car that was. When Joe wrecked him, we called all our daughters and told them that Joe killed Kenny. We were all sad to see him go. He had 214,000 miles on him.