Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Too ^%$# HOT!

112 degrees
I was going to run errands.
I changed my mind.
It's too Damn Hot.
Nothing else to do but hang in the studio.

Double strand with pearl drop
Rhinestone bead balls/dragonflies
Matching earrings

$58.00 includes shipping

Delicate pearl and crystal bracelets in
silver and antique brass

$23.00 ea includes shipping

email with any questions

July 17th -July 24
is the hottest week for Vegas each year.
It is the week we break records.
117 on July 19, 2005
Really now, that is too damn hot!
Yeah, " but it's a dry heat"...
don't you dare say that to me....
Turn your oven to 350 and then open the door
and stick your face in.
That's a dry heat too.

Don't mind me, I'm always cranky when on fire.


Razmataz said...

You are a little cranky today!

That heat would get to me too. We have high humidity making things very sweaty. Always cooler by the lake though.

At least it keeps you inside being creative.

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

I've heard that before..*a dry heat*..but it's still sooo HOT!!!!!

we're in the 90"s in MA...not as hot as you.

LOVE the jewelry and the dragonfly. just gorgeous!!

Tina Eudora said...

Oh I just love the picture of Jean D'Arc, yep it was too hot here too but for some weird reason it went cool this afternoon, Lord if it would only stay this way.
I spent one lovely summer on Vancouver Island in British Columbia where the average temperature in the summer is 74! I wish I had stayed there! Try to stay cool and calm...
Yeah right.
Tina xo

Dru said...

I Have just recently discovered you.... I truly admire everything you are doing...from your fine your decorating style... An inspiration ! I have you on my blogroll to share with my own followers....Thank you are a bright and shiny star !

clustres said...

I know what you mean about heat. I get out of sorts when the temperature rises. But hey, look at you, those are some "hot" pieces you made!

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

I guess I can't say anything about the 90 degrees we had....humidity high. It really wasn't that bad...just wish my customers thought so and would come in and shop. uggh!
Maybe I'll go home in the a/c and work in my studio. sigh!
Love the new work!

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

Too hot here too...getting the mail has become a dreaded chore. I think most of the country is hot right now! Love the jewelry...very pretty.


Kari said...

I live in Phoenix. I feel your pain! You know 'bad when the air conditioning in your car can't even compete. If someone would have said but its a dry heat, I would have decked them. LOVEEEEE the monsoon season...not.
Your jewelry is stunning though!

Boxwood Cottage said...

Aw poor Z! I can't even imagine temps like yours while I already think I'm dying here with temps around the 90ies. It's the humidity that kills me, you sweat even if you don't move at all. When all Summers here would be like this (it is this hot since 4 weeks in a row now) we'd so all need air conditioning! We have none you know, not at home, not in the office and even not in my car, not in most shops, so sometimes the heat seems unbearable.
I can't even go up in my attic studio with the 3 large roof windows at the moment because up there the air is literally cooking!
I'm so not creative in this heat and I admire you for still being so creative and creating such beautiful jewelry!
I wish you a beautiful weekend even in that incredible heat!
xoxo~ Carola

Rose ~Victorian Rose ~ said...

Got in our car the other day...and for the first time I saw 112 degree's on the digital thermo....I about fainted. I never get into the car..when my husband is driving before he gets the A/C running full blast. I ALMOST forgot this time..but it was still at 112 when got in.
Your jewlery is so very delicate and pretty....wish I could wear pierced earrings.

I just ran across and re-cycling blog thingy...wanted you to have the link to share for others.

SORRY IT'S VERY LONG...cut and paste it...if interested.

erin said...

the heat! i know! we have that and the humidity...makes my working outside so uncomfortable...nothing like a heat wave + a hot flash! at least i have the a/c to look forward to when done. your jewelry is so pretty Z. and your new picture of yourself!

Theresa said...

How do you do it? When I was much younger I got on a plane and moved to AZ. so I left MI (don't remember the temp there) and when I got off of the plane it was 112 in Phoenix! OMG! I lasted 1 year before I had to escape that heat! Mind you I love being able to ride my bike in the winter when everyone here was freezing their butts off! Your jewelry is beautiful, Joan would be proud that you made lemonade out of your lemons... Theresa

Claudia said...

I'm cranky, too. It is way too hot most everywhere in this country, according to the Weather Channel. I know I have had it - seems to be hotter than normal in the Northeast.

Susanne said...

I'm with you on the heat. TX heat isn't as hot as Vegas but I'm a mid west girl, I don't like it! Can't get cool, bad mood, definitely don't feel creative. Glad you've been able to keep the heat out of the studio a create some lovelies.

Anonymous said...

LOVE the dragonfly pieces - every tiny detail. Just gorgeous! And you made these in that kind of heat? Amazing!
~ Zuzu

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Love your comment about the funny! Since I've never been any further West than Chicago, I can't imagine 'dry' heat. Heat is's hot and horrible. I also hate it when people think because you live in a hot climate..that "you'll get used to it". I never leave home without ice water and a 'sweat rag'! Well, thank God for's the place to be!
Have a great weekend,
By the way, I finished my bird bowl mosiac and posted pics on my blog!

Bead and Needle said...

Ohhhhhhhh - I love the Joan of Arc (AND the jewelry) picture! Too funny - and SO true! I got on here last night, at 11:00 p.m., and was told that it was 105 outside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finegan Antiques said...

I HATE this heat!!!!! I agree enough already. If I wanted to bake myself I would do it in the oven.

Try and think cool thoughts.


Jillayne said...

I'm with you - cranky as all get out when it's stinking hot! And every blasted piece of fruit in Salmon Arm, B.C. is ripe - now. And, since they pulled all the insulation out of the attic (we had a fire, on my husband's last day of work before retiring!), our house is a pendulum - hotter than #&(( in the day and freezing at night. Who knew insulation could be so important!

June said...

Z Blogger has been so mean to me!!! And I have missed one of your posts. Rats, I hate that!!!
I love what you do when it's too damn hot! is DRY heat.LOL!

miranda.propaganda said...

Hi Suzan!

I love those multi-chain bracelets! They are super awesome! I think I know what my sister is getting for her birthday this year- one of your pieces!

Love from New York!