Saturday, August 22, 2009


What? It's Saturday? What? It's the last week of August? What?------ What?

I woke up and I misplaced summer. Hannah and I were going to go to Utah's Shakespeare Festival like we do every year. I was going to revamp the back yard, maybe paint the family room and relocate my studio there. I was going to make at least a trip or two to CA. None, nope, none of it was accomplished.

For the past two weeks all that I have done is pack and squeeze, and vacuum bag, and pack some more of Hannah's belongings into 2 large, 2 medium and 1 carry on bag for her flight to school, and we have one medium box to ship which contains her egg crate mattress thingie, some boots and sneakers and 2 large winter coats. Her friends have begun to depart, and most of them that are flying took three large bags each and shipped many boxes, and one even shipped 7 boxes! I think we've done pretty well in comparison. One of the large bags contains; now, please be properly impressed:

sheet set
very fluffy down comforter
duvet cover and 2 shams
pillow top mattress pad
fold down/pop up ottoman for storage and seating
2 drawer canvas chest that we assemble upon arrival
very large canvas laundry bag
desk lamp
clip on lamp
3 12" by 8" lidded decorative boxes for her to store stuff in
3 pop up canvas tote things to store stuff
set of towels 2 of each size bath, hand and wash
desk set holder and paperclips, stapler, scissors etc.
file folders
first aid kit
sewing kit
tool kit
set of dishes for two, plates, bowls, salad plates. 3 glasses
small set of nesting tupperware
silverware for three
and more small stuff tucked into every crevice.

and of course...everything is color coordinated ;-o
Can I pack or........ WHAT?

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Anonymous said...

You amaze me!