Saturday, August 15, 2009

One Year Later


mark not only the miles we have traveled, but also remind us of the experiences we have had along the way. "are we there yet?", "I can't believe our vacation is over".

Milestones, cornerstones, stones in my pocket....stones as talismans for luck, for hopes and dreams

One year later and a few changes in my world. I can easily load and arrange elements to the blog and etsy, a far cry from my first entry; I was so proud to have managed to just set up the blog!

Benjamin and Hannah will be proud

The kids will not believe that I did this on my own without nagging them for help. Tonight was another sleepless night, so why not give it a try? Please bear with me as I learn to navigate these treacherous waters of the internet and blogging. I will attempt to learn quickly and try to be if not entertaining, then informative.

Oldgreymare will make information about Gathering classes and folk art and primitives that I am showing or selling more assessable. I hope to include some free patterns from time to time and also share ideas, maybe recipes, who knows? I'm going to just wait and see where this takes me.

I quickly realized after reading that first post this morning, that although I achieved some of the goals that I began with, I had fallen quite short on others. I did encourage and promote several other artists on the blog, always a goal of mine, here and in everyday life. I gave out a couple recipes, then "poof" no more. I will work on that, because we all love a great recipe and I have friends who feed me amazing food. No free patterns.... yet. I have managed to sell quite a few items "from" etsy, not especially "on" etsy, and that is fine. Friends see items listed and order more of the same directly from me, or peruse and "shop" the finished projects drawers here at home. Etsy either brings out the best in people, or the worst. I have experienced both.

This year I followed many blogs, each morning anxious to follow the exploits of my friends, many of whom I have never met. It recently became clear that I was not enjoying or benefiting from the ones lamenting every day to day problem and complaining about all the wrongs inflicted upon them, and their own trials and personal tribulations, their own personal hyperspace billboards to garner attention.

Instead, I have fallen in love with the quiet musings of tender souls, going about their lives with dignity and grace, some in the face of true hardship, with nary a complaint. I have marveled at breathtaking photography, glorious gardens and the fun adventures of these friends, and aspire to continuously carry a positive heart the way that they do.


marking where we have been and where we are going

Amazing new adventures await my darling Hannah, and dearest Ben is enjoying his already adventurous life with admirable gusto and joy.

So, then, what is to be for their Mother as the next year milestone approaches?

Empty nest? Technically. But this morning I have decided to view this nest a little differently than I thought I possibly could. This nest of mine is a safe haven for my family and my friends. A place of comfort for me. Always open, always welcoming, a destination to, as well as from. Not so much empty perhaps, but waiting...waiting for the next loved one to step across the thresh hold and be welcomed back to the nest.

Meanwhile I will keep "feathering my nest". Creating, sharing and adding precious memories of all the good this life has to offer, and unceremoniously dumping the negatives over the side onto the ground like any good mama bird does.

I am blessed with an incredible family and dear beloved friends; a milestone, my personal touchstone, I will tuck into my pocket and carry with me always.

Blessings and Peace

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June said...

What a beautifully written post. You are able to articulate so well what I wish I could. I really loved 'dumping the negative over the side like a good mama does'. We can let our lives become cluttered with the ugly and complicated or we can choose to live in beauty and serenity.
Thank you so much for all the beauty I find here everytime I visit.