Sunday, August 9, 2009

One of the Reasons

One of the reasons I love to organize at other people's homes is this:


You are my angel sent to me from heaven! I never thought my garage mess could actually turn into a usable room of the house. My Leaning Tower of Boxes are gone. Everything is in the right container instead of a piece here and a piece there. My family can actually reach everything we need and have ample space to maneuver. I should have hired you a year ago. You are more efficient than I could ever be.

I look forward to bringing you back for the interior design.

I am ever so thankful,

It changes people's lives. When you have an area of your home, or your life for that matter, that needs tending to, it weighs heavily on your mind. Always, there in the back, is that nagging little voice, "I need to......" and days, months, and regretfully years pass in some homes with these issues. It becomes an overwhelming task because mess begets mess. It is a prime source for discourse, well, OK, everyone ends up in a big fight about it.

I loved working with Paula yesterday. Her girls were outside with us, playing house in the shade with some neighbor kids. No TV all day! We laughed and shared stories and in no time looked up and we were half way done. Paula is finishing up today, following some of the tricks I taught her yesterday. The overwhelming task is behind her and she can go play house with the girls.

Paula dear, it was my pleasure.


paula said...

Suzan, I missed your company today! I was a little spectacle with my tasks for today. When I was done, I looked over my "new" garage and thought, "How could I ever doubt Suzan's words?" You were right with where and exactly how the containers and boxes would fit. This afternoon, the girls came and asked for balls to play with. I was able to give them those balls in an instant! I would not have been able to do that last week. Thank you for our new life!
I am a TRUE Believer, Paula

Anonymous said...

Suzan, Thank you for giving me back my home minus all the mess. It is truly organized and you worked so fast. You accomplished in a few days what would have taken a year for me to do. Rest up, as the garage is next.