Sunday, July 19, 2009

White Wednesday #2

A bit of Outdoor WHITE at oldgreymare

Front Door Greeting

Nearby pond and lovely residents

Found this artist studio in TN, tucked behind an enormous
home out in the country. It took my breath away.

Oh, you've noticed it is not Wednesday? I can't get anything by you.
It's a busy week with clients and working in my studio, so I figured I had better get White Wednesday posted ASAP or it would not happen. I also will be posting a White Primitive on Etsy on the 22nd, and I haven't created it yet. YIKES! Then please come back on the 24th for studio blog party. Hannah has promised to help me with photos. Right now the studio looks like someone turned an industrial fan on at full blast, then walked away. It'll be back to pretty? OK, maybe primitive, aka junk pretty by Friday.

40th anniversary of Moon Walk. I turned 16 the same day way back then.....


Barb said...

Love your outdoor white, and the front entry.

Thanks for sharing it and hope you get through your week ok.
Hope i can remember to come back and check out the 'new' white on ETSY.

Barbara Jean

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Great whites! That little cottage is fab and the hydrangeas make it dreamy!

Rebecca said...

Wow, studio of my dreams....
Your pictures are awesome, love the geese...
Have a great White Wednesday and good luck with your studio...I have been cleaning mine for a week now...ugh.

Wizard of Was said...

I absolutely love that chippy white bird house and table! Nice pictures! Have a Wondeful White Wednesday!
My Best,

miss gracies house said...

Love it! Just the right amount of chippy white! Looking forward to seeing more!

Carol said...

Oh I just knew that your outdoor space and garden would be as delightful as your home. Looks as if we share a passion for gardening too! Love your bird house collection!