Sunday, July 26, 2009

Naked Boys Singing

Friday evening Hannah and I went to see my "surrogate son" Ivan perform in Naked Boys Singing now playing at the Onyx Theatre in the Commercial Center.

Although I had some trepidation about seeing Ivan naked on stage, within minutes of the show's opening number I was laughing so hard and appreciating the talents of the cast, (out of the gutter people, I mean Singing talents) that all nervousness about the whole nudity issue disappeared.

The play is delightful and sweet and laugh till you're crying funny. We had heard stories for weeks from Ivan about rehearsals and a smattering of tunes from the show, and although I was prepared to be proud of Ivan, I was delighted by each new scene performed and the audience reaction to it. Favorites include "The Bliss of a Briss", "Window to Window", "Perky Little Porn Star", "Robert Mitchum", " The Entertainer " and "Members Only", but we really did enjoy every single number.

Hannah and I attend the Shakespeare Theater in Utah every year and have watched many a musical comedy. At none of those have we laughed as hard, and as long as we did Friday night. The only comic relief is three very sentimental scenes that were beautifully presented.

I cannot recommend enough to all of you to make the time to go see this play. Granted, the theater is in the rear of an adult store, but do not let that deter you, in fact some of you might have fun shopping? I actually found a cute pair of striped pants. Hannah thought that was hilarious.

Naked Boys Singing is currently running off Broadway so this is not some Vegas/Nudity play for titillation purposes only. It is only set to run through late August, but as word gets out, and the reviews have been very good maybe it will run a little longer.

This is a fabulous "Girls night out" event and if you are too nervous/shy/embarrassed to go, I would love to go again and plan to. The "boys" will be happy to autograph your program after the show. hehe

And Ivan...we love you.

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