Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Never Assume

I am so excited to be working with a few new clients on Organizing and Design ideas for their homes. I am able to work with some of the nicest people, how fortunate to be able to do something you love.

Whenever the design and organizing ideas get flowing on their homes it always spills over into my home plans and I scold myself for putting off doing things that I want to do around here. Since I will be staying in town for far longer than I had planned...huge sigh.... it's time to implement some things I should have done when I moved in almost 16 years ago! It's not that it was too expensive, I was just always thinking "resale", and never imagined in my WILDEST dreams I would still be in this house. I love my house, I just wish the tornado would pick it up, and drop it somewhere a little green. Not as green as OZ, and certainly not with a flattened witch in the basement.

So, in between organizing client homes, I plan to do some re-design of mine. This means of course that another purge will be coming. I already have a large mountain in the garage of items Hannah brought back from her Dad's, in the pre-college purge over there. We inherited some of Ben's stuff (in storage 6 years) and I have even see some of Peter's...sneaky cuss.

Hannah will be in charge of this one, since she will be the recipient of most of the proceeds, and we will have to start at 6 am, so we can end by 11 or I will simply wilt.....I already sold off last time, my evaporative cooler I used to use out there, figuring I would never have another sale in the summer. I would be gone by then......never makes an ass, well, you know.

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