Sunday, May 3, 2009

My MAC is sick :-(

So my beloved MAC goes back into the shop tomorrow to get a new logic board, or as the young man explained to me ( with the upward eye roll and if he was talking to a toddler) is getting a new brain. All this because I wanted to record a cd for my car and the %%$#@ cd got stuck. Joshua Radin... Ben, you were right! He had expressed a negative opinion about my choice of artist.

Anyway..... I have heard from several people who have promised to try and send me photos, but nothing else has arrived in my in box, and if you send in the next few days I will not receive till later in the week.

I will be working on samples for the upcoming Gathering (all about paper) and hopefully will have pics to post at end of week when computer comes back home. 

Pam and I worked like pack mules on Saturday, carting stuff left by the owners out of her new home, and carting her stuff in. Pam had hired Brit (mentioned in earlier post) to help us clean, and we steamed, scoured, scrubbed and a few more s's until the place gleamed. Before I left the beds were set up, linens washed and beds were made up, all ready for a much needed sleep. Kitchen was spotless and all dishes, etc had been run through dishwasher and all food and toiletries were put away. Pam has now joined the Brit fan club and can attest to his work ethic.
If you have a job you have been putting off, let me recommend him to you again.

Pam and I found a good deal on a table at Goodwill today that we will work our magic on. I will now start to find other affordable treasures to transform their darling bungalow into a haven. I am now daydreaming about her home. This always happens when I start a new project. I can see the finished rooms in my mind, I just have to hunt everything down, keep the budget low and then click my ruby slippers and we're done! So much fun for me, though the clients sometimes begin to look a little dazed. Pam had that "caught in the headlights" look today. Get some sleep honey, I'll be back in two days.

I am heading up right now to my favorite, cozy chair to read, something I have not had time to do for over a week. I usually polish off at least five books a week and feel a little "off" when I don't. I even managed to read two while I was in Portland. Reading is better than sleep for me. When I'm reading, my brain cannot wander to worries or fears etc, but my sleep can easily be invaded.   

Trapped on a desert island? A fully stocked library and I would be just fine, thank you very much. Notice I did say fully I could learn to build a boat and sail to the nearest Starbucks.

Happy May Day!

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pam said...

Brit was wonderful! He knows what needs to be done and gets it done.
My place looks great! Thank you for all the hard work too Suzan.
You are the best!!!