Monday, May 18, 2009


pom pom garlands

making this cabbage rose garland in paper class


After seeing pom pom garlands on Pam Garrison's blog, I had to make some for myself. Now, I can't seem to stop making them. I even have a Halloween one in the works.

I also made a cabbage rose garland and now my studio is full of dyed roses. Not only will we be making these in the paper class, these roses are going to top my ephemera kits on.....


Yes, starting soon, I will be selling my work on Etsy. There is nothing there yet except a COMING SOON notice. I will post my start date here, hopefully by the end of the week. I am working on shipping issues at the moment, and I want to make sure everything is just right before diving in.

You can find me at

I have to say thank you to Amy for all of her advice and encouragement. Her friendship is a blessing to me. It came at the perfect time. Thank goodness for my chattiness at my garage sales. That is where we first met and I admired her scarf and hat and we got to talking.... The rest is lovely history. She gives me such energy and confidence in my abilities. SO many friends have always encouraged me, but I guess I needed a boot in the butt to take the leap of faith, and she wears boots! An enormous thank you to all my old ( no, long time) friends for always being there for me, attending my classes and offering support. I would not have done this without you.

If any of you have been like me, thinking some day I'm going to_______ (fill in the blank). Give me a call, turn around, I'll don my big red Doc Martins and take aim.

Blessings to you all

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paula said...

Suzan, I wait with anticipation for the next class date. I will arrange my schedule so I can attend. All the classes I have been to are worth every penny AND more. I am hooked. Thank you for hanging in there and hosting all of your classes! You are the best!!!