Sunday, January 19, 2020

Good Stuff

I received a wonderful honey mustard
 in a Christmas gift from brother Scott.
It was unlike any I had ever tasted and 
I was bonkers for it.

It was a small jar and it was so thick,
it barely pours and much more honey than others.
Any hoot I decided to google on the slim chance
I could find locally which I did but $$$$
so after more research I found it on line 

by the case(6) at a great price
and promptly ordered.
I spent another 40 minutes going all over their 
site and found more great things 
I never knew existed.
I registered and everything,
which I rarely do.

Two days ago Woebers Reserve
 arrived and did you notice
the packing material it was in?

Again Bonkers!!!!
I have never seen this before and wonder why
every company is not using.
Oh yeah, cheap is best and they don't care. 

I sat down and immediately wrote to them
to say thank you and ask where I can get 
that packing material.

Now I need to find and write to Woebers.

Such a small thing but such a GOOD thing.
Good, no fabulous mustard
AND a good company.



Jill said...

I'm catching up on blog reading. Those kids are their photos, haha!! They are a beautiful couple and they torture you with that, how funny! (and frustrating...) I'm sorry life is just so rough right now. The table would have broken my heart too. Food, meals...mean the most to me too. I'll be watching for a post on your new friend, hope it works out well!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

That looks delicious Z ...... I love all food !!!!! Well, nearly all ! .... and, that packaging is brilliant .... I keep getting parcels filled with those plastic pouches filled with air .... I hate them !!! XXXX