Saturday, June 8, 2019

To my Unknowns

Just a quick note to 
Mary and Cathi.
I am unable to contact you :D

Thank you Mary for the upright MRI info.
I just found out about them last Friday.
My primary and I are working on it
 but the few who have one here in lala
do not accept my insurance. We're working on
an appeal to have them in network.

Cathi please go to my profile for my email
and then send me yours and I'll be happy to
send you the recipe.

To all those other folks who leave comments
but are unknowns:

Thank you so much for following along 
this life of mine. I love hearing from you.
I do wish that someday you would let me know 
who you are so that I can respond directly,
but I do understand folks who like to stay 

Again, you can always find my email in 
my profile in the sidebar for a private convo.

Several have asked about my holiday gifted website.
It is all on hold as dearest son is uber busy
and I want to have product ready when it launches
but alas, not enough product being 
created these days.

All my focus is on the purge.
Today it is fabrics. OUCH!



Karen said...

Glad to hear from you! And isn't it disgusting that in this day and age you can't get the testing you need without jumping through many hoops and wasting time and energy.

Kit said...

How goes the purge? Feels good doesn't it. :) Kit

Liesel said...

Hello, my name is Lisa and I have been following your journey for yours..I have never left a comment , I am not even sure you will get this so I will make this breif.... I so love your blog and your beautiful home..

Liesel said...

I love your blog, im trying to leave a comment, not sure it is working