Sunday, June 16, 2019

Granddog And Friend

Darling daughter has been dog sitting 
for a neighbor.
(David the grand-dog on the left)

Yep, another Husky.

I think Hannah would take in
 a thousand huskies if she could.
Seems every time we speak
she is on a dog walk.
Oh, she also walks Tubs, my other grand,
after she leaves work 
as Tub's Mom and Dad work later.

Remember this shot?

All kinds of great things have been
 happening work wise for the fabulous 
CA four. I am so proud of all of them.
I also miss them. 
more than I can stand.

Once this medical mess is over 
or at least has progressed, 
I will be driving straight away to CA to 
hang with my favorite folks.

Meanwhile there is a towering stack
 of bins and boxes all labeled for a sale,
that are waiting in the garage for either 
cooler weather, or help, or both.

Plan to binge the first couple o' Handmaids Tale
tonight or tomorrow.
I'm saving up as there is now a drought in 
my viewing arsenal.

GoT gone

Killing Eve 
Gentlemen Jack
Russian Doll
Call The Midwife
Walking Dead
(all off for now)

There is Big Little Lies
I enjoy, but not the same passion.

I've avoided Netflix so I'll have some new 
ones for the summer.

I play silly games like that with myself.
I've been rereading in order, all the Robert B Parkers,
for the third time;
but at half my usual speed, not wanting them
 to end all over again. I will get the Spenser series continued
by Ace Atkins from the library,
 as I do not own them.
I think I may change my mind and buy them
after all. 

We're off to a hot summer already.
I am stressed about the overgrowth in the yard
and I will try to hire help this week.

Wish you were all closer.
There's some nice stuff stacked up for sale,
and I'd love for it to find good homes. 
Yeah I know, silly. 


I miss you Dad
every day.



Cindy said...

Hey Z!
I haven’t been around as much as I would like. I have missed you!
Sending you love!

Sandra said...

I am so glad that you arefeeling a little better. Hopefully, before too much longer, you will be out in California.

Karen Ann said...

I Miss GOT!! Have you seen Shameless? If not, do it. And it gets better as it goes. Or how about Billions?

I'd love to browse your sale items, alas, the driving distance! LOL..