Friday, April 5, 2019

A Kindness and Bite The Ears Off

Several weeks ago a dear blog friend Karen
sent me the sweetest gift;
this adorable elephant mirror.
I had admired it on her blog last year
 and she decided 
it needed to live here with me. 
It arrived at a pretty low point for me,
(continuing health drama)
making it even more special. 
If you don't know Karen, hop on over via the link
 in her name and browse for awhile. 
This is a special woman
 of many talents and goodness aplenty.
Karen, your gift sits across from the couch.
I see it constantly and I smile.
Thank you again.

Speaking of hopping, I had a memory fragment
the other day while at the market. 
 I flashed back upon what are now "vintage" Easter baskets,
 stored in my garage, and the Easter mornings
 I spent with my brother comparing our baskets
before dressing for church. 
Back then it was white straw hats and gloves,
 a matching dress and coat and patent leather shoes.
(I wasn't Catholic so I could wear them)
The other option was white sandals
 with white curly top anklets.
But what really got to me the other day
 was the distinct memory of "the rules" to eating 
a chocolate bunny. 
For some reason I believed then,
 and maybe even now that the first thing you did 
was to 

Bite The Ears Off



Jill said...

Never too old for a chocolate bunny!!

Karen Ann said...

You are a gift as well, it is truly faith restoring to speak with someone of a like mind in today's conflicted world.

I hope you're feeling better and finding peace of mind in the places we can -

As for those chocolate bunnies... indeed, ears first. My grandmother used to work in Manhattan and she would bring my sister and I an easter hat , coat usually in a pastel plaid, gloves, and those curly white anklets - my mom would supply the white shiney shoes or sandals, exactly as you described.

TheCrankyCrow said...

Ha Ha!!! I guess I never heard those rules....or if I did, I (like usual) did not follow them LOL. Our bunnies here were always hollow and I would most often save mine for months.... I always felt guilty for “breaking” them. (Yeah, maybe I should have had therapy. ;-) ). Sorry to hear of your ongoing medical issues.... I hope you get some answers....and relief soon. I love the elephant mirror!! What a kind heart Karen has!! Happy FriYay! ~Robin~

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Always ears first! Now I might need a chocolate bunny! I hope you are doing better. I've had the cold from hell. 3 weeks and counting. Numerous prescriptions and I'm feeling a tiny bit better. It's been a rough Spring. I did make it to Cali to see my oldest get married and it was wonderful. Hugs.

Blondie's Journal said...

I do know Karen and she is a lovely down to earth woman. This is a wonderful gift. Bloggers are genuine and caring.

OMGosh--the bunnies. How could anyone know if they were solid? The ones we had were mostly hollow. I love remembering those yesterdays. Blog posts can bring that all to the surface.

Feel well, my friend.


Doreen Frost said...

I TOO ate the bunny ears first!!! And goodness, I remember the patent leather shoes and I adored my ruffle top white anklets!!!

LOVE the elephant mirror!!! Karen sounds like a lovely gal. I am off to check out her blog.

Wishing you Joy, Doreen

ps...wishing you good health.