Thursday, August 16, 2018

Who Needs a Scary Movie?

Want to be scared ****less?
Agree to a sleep study

I cannot begin to describe how awful this 
experience was Monday night.
Google "wired up for a sleep study" and 
find the worst photo and then multiply by two.

Suffering from insomnia for months
 I was worried I would not sleep,
but luckily after 2 hours lying there, I slept for an hour 
and then woke up coughing and choking
on huge amount of mucous in my throat. I was trying
 to clear my throat and sitting up wondering
if I should call to see if they could remove temporarily
the three (yep three!) cannulas in my nose
 and the tube into my mouth so I could blow and spit..
(Sorry folks this is what was happening.)

The tech "Manny" burst in and
 began to scold me for 20 minutes for 
"waking myself up" and becoming anxious.
"I'm monitoring your O/2 -I won't let you die;
 if you stop breathing EMT is right next door.

OK seriously?

"It just feels like your choking
but you can still breathe,

Scolding had morphed into near yelling.

I could spend an hour telling you the rest of it
but I'll just tell you the conclusion.
I did manage to sleep another 3 hours -
after weeping a little while, I admit,
though I never touched my eyes so 
tech could not see in night vision.
 I would not give the SOB
the satisfaction.

Tech was NOT happy with my measly 4 hours.
He's supposed to record 7 1/2.

He burst into room at 6 when I opened my eyes
and sat me right up too fast to begin removing 
a kajillion wires from EVERYWHERE 
and my vertigo kicked in big time.

 He told me I may have to repeat.
I looked him right in the eye and
said "fat chance."

All the other patients were unhooked and leaving,
and though he said take your time,
it was clear he wanted me to leave
 as he carried my purse and bag to the front door.

I would have easily failed a field sobriety test.
I was nauseated, vision blurry, and dizzy. 
Yet get into my car I did.
Drank about 16 oz of cold water
that he had kept out of my reach that night,
and proceeded to drive very carefully
 the 3 miles back home.
It was a surface street with little traffic
 or I would not have attempted.
I swayed through my garage
into the kitchen and promptly 
vomited in the sink. 

Oh there is so much more,
but that's enough scary stuff.
BTW the goo glued into your hair 
in seven places takes four complete shampoos
 to remove, or maybe just me?

I wish you could see me shaking my head,
this is all so nuts.

My brother's line of 
"50% of all Drs graduate in the bottom half
of their class, is on a loop in my brain."

and my last note "go to hell Manny"
I actually said the other thing. 



donna baker said...

Well that seals the deal. I know I have sleep apnea and have refused to be tested. I asked my doctor, "have you ever had a patient die with sleep apnea"? She said no, but if you have other conditions it can make them worse and kill you. They are going to have to come up with better treatments. I have dry mouth and wake up hourly, but nothing really works.

Jd said...

My sister, a hospice nurse, told me that sleep studies are worthless. Sorry for such a terrible experience. Someone yells at me, I leave. D

Linda @ A La Carte said...

That sounds awful. My Mom did a sleep study and she had to get up and go the bathroom several times. They seemed nice but your 'Manny' was a dickhead. My Mom's study showed her breathing slowed down to nothing while she slept so she is on oxygen at night. I hope they get something from this study cause it sounds like the only one they will get from you! Hugs to you Z!!

oldgreymareprimitives said...


I think my "morning after issues" were caused by o/2 deprivation. After a little research I was in hypoxia… I think it was worse for me because I already use O/2 you might be fine as your levels are ok when awake. Sleep apnea can also kill you and lack of o/2 while sleeping can cause a host of other medical issues so … You and your dr should weigh pros and cons and if benefits outweigh risk. My situation was exacerbated by a very bad tech. A different tech might have meant I would have handled it better. You would not have had the mucous plug blockage I did. I would never want to cause someone to not have it done. I’m going to post this in comments- thanks for the heads up. Your dr might approve a c-pap based on a video of you at home?

oldgreymareprimitives said...


When I awoke that first time I fully intended to leave but it's not like you just sit up and walk. You are literally wired into machines and I was depending on 0/2 in canulla etc. I think that is why he was being so aggressive. It's big deal to unhook and do outtake... at least 45 minutes. The idea of having to repeat the test was also a negative to my leaving. I got thru it, and I'm sure my personal issues exacerbated the situation..but Manny is still an asshat. : D

Kit said...

Yikes! I have just damned Manny to hell for you. I am glad I have my trusty bottle of Nyquil by my side when I can't sleep. Works like a charm. Kit

Blondie's Journal said...

Thanks for sharing this with us, Suzan, and I'm so sorry it was such a horrifying experience for you. I will NEVER go through something like this although I'm a terrible insomniac. When I was in the hospital a few months ago with my back surgery, the emphasis was on sleep apnea and death by combining or taking large doses of prescription drugs. After asking if I snored, the floor doctor said she was going to put pressure on my primary doctor to do a sleep study. I'm like---okay, go for it. Someone isn't going to participate. Seriously, who doesn't snore? And I've been an insomniac all my life.

Again, what happened to you is insane. But I hope you have helped some of your readers as you have me.


oldgreymareprimitives said...

Hey Jane,

I would never want to discourage anyone from doing a sleep study if they really need one. As I have replied to Donna, my issues were exacerbated by my 0/2 use already and the fact that I have this excess mucous issue. Without those the study might have been uncomfortable but not frightening, because of my inability to breathe. When I looked on line no one else had as many cannulas in their nose as I did ? I’ll ask my primary care Dr about that for sure. Also the morning after issue was due to the vertigo I get when suddenly moved upright- so not the study’s complication but it made me feel very ill all the same.

Talk to your dr in very open terms. I hear there are some other methods. :D

Karen Ann said...

Well, what an ass! Clearly that person shouldn't have that job. Hope you get some answers and some peace of mind, at least.

Jill said...

My husband probably needs to do this too. I witness his sleep apnea some times. I'm sorry this was so horrible and then you had to drive yourself home. And all maybe for naught if they didn't get enough information. :(

June said...

It does sound worse than a Stephan King movie Z! Was this study for sleep apnea? My husband had to do one a few years ago and said it was the worst night ever! But then it became my nightmare, because I had to sleep night after night, after night of listening to his machine that forced him to breath correctly. After about two year, he'd had enough of it quit using it altogether. One thing it did do for him was teach him not to be a mouth breather when he sleeps. He rests so much better now.

sending hugs...

Ellie said...

I'm so sorry you had a rough time. Your study sounds very different than mine. Yikes. Not fun.

Mine went well after I could settle myself down. Don't remember the location of where I was, but it was in Henderson.

They did laugh when I asked if I slept more than I thought. Said I could be heard snoring clear up in the front, like the roof was blowing off.