Monday, April 30, 2018

The Three Amigos and The Sale

Howie David Tubs

How cute are they, and everyone behaved
 for the most part. The exception being for 20 scary minutes
on Sunday when Tubs hid from me
 and I was in a total panic I had lost 
Helene's dog while they were all out to breakfast.
I had just met my son's sweetheart for the 
first time 2 days prior!

She told me "he's a manipulative asshat"when I met Tubs,
 and I said "no he's adorable." 
Helene said "just wait..."
She was right.
Yeah, he can be a bit of a dick, but oh, he's also 
super smart and adorable.
We'll say mischievous instead of devious,
even though he almost gave me a heart attack.


Friday night we had previews and set it up
as it would be for the Saturday sale 
all dragged out into the driveway
and the garage full.
Under the 7 tables were boxes and bins full.
Invited girls came and treasure hunted and visited.
When the pre-sale ended,
everything had to come back
into the garage, with all the tables and all the boxes 
tucked underneath.

It looked
like this


My pal Sue was headed home 
and couldn't find her purse.
It was somewhere in or under here.

We called and called it and searched inside house,
her car ...NOPE!

20 minutes- 30 minutes...

So I dropped to the floor and crawled under 
and Viola! Got it- but then couldn't get out.
The kids had horrible allergy reactions
to the horrible pollen and wind, and felt sick.
I was overwhelmed and needed O/2.
Annie broke a tooth. 

 Wonderful gals I hadn't seen in ages came by, 
lots of hugs and happy tears.

I behaved myself and barely insulted anyone.
My kids once again let me know
I am loved and appreciated.

A local gal who reads my blog,
saw our Craig's list ad, and figured out
with all the white, it must be my sale
and came by to say hello.
What a nice surprise. <3 
I hope she gets in touch again via email.

We all fell in love with a sweet gal named Nicole,
who came twice on Saturday and brought
her bestie to meet us. 
We are thrilled our things have found good homes
in their homes.
We love you Nicole and Jessica <3

About that Craigs List ad, I asked Ben to do it for me
as I was uber busy Friday.
I said in passing, 
"get a shot of the nice corner display if you can."

He did this, and a poem
See poem at bottom


and lots more photos
(Sue still has the Sew Be It Dolls if any of you collect...)

I am convinced his great google phone photos
 were why we did so well. 

Then after:

One huge oversized truck load,
one SUV load to donations.

We walked the walk ladies.

You gals struggling with this issue,
pull up the big girl panties 
and let it go.

I kept one bag of vintage silverware,
and 2 bowls I occasionally used 
but felt I no longer "needed."

Everything else went bye bye,
good riddance.
It feels sooooo good.

I love my kids and those they love
I love my friends
I love my three amigos

I love that this nearly 5 month 
saga of the sale is flippin' OVER,
and a couple thou in the pocket doesn't hurt either.

Don't you just love the 
exhausting day after?

Thanks to all of you who still listen
and still offer me love and encouragement.

The Craigs List Poem

Meet the three women--not one over the hill
Whose houses were bursting. Stuffed to the gills!

So they pooled their belongings and grabbed what they got
And when piled together it was quite a lot!

There was furniture, quilts, and dinnerware too
Craft supplies, scrapbooks, buttons, and glue

Incredible vintage pieces a century old
Luggage and linens and holiday ornaments gold

A plate rack, a wood screen, and a huge chest of drawers
A nearly-new Eufy Robovac--for super-clean floors

There were dressers and tables all shabby chic
A brand spanking new Amazon Tap--if you're a bit of a geek

Paper punches, mannequins, and a couple bar carts
And a hundred more things from these sassy old... ladies

So if you like crafting or vintage and antiques galore,
Come see this sale and see what's in store!

still here 
still kickin'


donna baker said...

You made it through! I packed up my booth today and gave it all away. No storing or anymore work. I hope to never put a price tag on anything else. I'm going to pay a company to have an estate sale or auction. I'm happy to have the booth/mall thing done. Now, on to the garden which is what has to be done next.

Karen Ann said...

Yay, you did it! I just love this post, all of it.. even the dick. LOL.. such a cute little fella! Did he hide on you?

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Very proud of you!! I love the poem and I would have gone to that sale! Wait, I'm downsizing not buying.

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

A great success Z .... you can all be proud of your hard work and deserve the monetry reward that came at the end !!!! The dogs look as if butter wouldn't melt !! If only I lived near or at least, in your country .... I would have bought loads even though I should be de cluttering myself ! You can now put your feet up... you deserve a bit of a rest. XXXX