Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pretty - It Ain't Pretty

My pineapple guava in bloom for the first time 
after it's planting last Spring.
My bay laurel tree ( where bay leaves come from)
Peeking in from the right


Ain't Pretty
Organized chaos 
Tomorrow we set up for preview
to invited guests
with the sale then on Saturday.

Of course the heat has arrived and the wind -
Of course!
This is only about 1/2 of the sale stuff
Furniture and two racks of clothing not pictured.
Not all mine - 2 gals joining in and now I hear
the kids are bringing sale stuff in their cars lol

Long day Friday, 
but we'll get 'er done.
Kids will be here by late tonight.
We hit the ground running early in the morning.

I have promised myself that no matter what,
anything of mine left over is to be donated.
Even if I have to go inside while the kids fill the SUV 
so I cannot see what is going. Even if it takes several trips.

I am in love with empty drawers and closets,
the clean spaces under the beds, and shelf after shelf 
empty in the garage.

I am getting an inkling that this may cause
a rebirth of creativity for me as I feel that
finally all the flotsam and jetsam is gone.
I have been dreaming of paint and canvas 
and quilting. Yes! After all this time.

Breath of fresh air,
and lord knows I need air.


donna baker said...

I'm right there with you. losing my booth this Sunday and Monday. I did go in and pick out a few things today that I did not want going to charity. The rest is going as I don't want to store it. My back hurts just thinking of it. But, that'll be one major thing to cross of my endless list. Glad you have help.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I hope the sale goes well! I am so proud of you and yes if you have someone who will take it all away for you that is great! Hang in there my friend.

Karen Ann said...

I love this post! Sounds like you've got some wind in your sails again! ... Best of luck with the sale.. and yes.. .LET IT GO and BE FREE!!... I look forward to your new creations down the road.

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Wow! It will feel so good when it's over. Yes, don't let anything back into the house! A clean slate, a fresh palette. Wish I were there to help take away a few objects...I spy with my little eye.

Ronda Tedder said...

Wishing you much luck and fun with your sale!

Kit said...

I hope your sale goes great! I know the feeling. Get rid of the old, so you can welcome something new and refreshing! Good luck and sell lots! :) Kit

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

If only I could do the same Z ..... I'm hopeless at throwing things away !!!
Good luck with the sale, I hope it all goes ! I think both plants are pretty !!! XXXX