Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Warning Not A Fun Post, But It Improves

The first week of September this saga began.
It's not over.
I'm still on oxygen.
Still having setbacks.
They still don't know.

I have a list of specialists I could/should see.
If I could afford to.

Since I was here last, I had another emergency
run. My Dr had prescribed symbicort for me on 
Monday morning 2 weeks ago.
My first dosage Monday evening, had me
feeling a little nervous.
Tuesday was 2 more doses, each one increasing
the nervousness and now I have a monster headache,
that continues for about 12 hours.
Wednesday's dosage gave me tremors,
scary, panic attack tremors that went on for hours.
So back to emergency.

I'm profoundly allergic to it.

Emergency doc says
"You should stop using" 

My entire life I have avoided meds 
because of sensitivity,
and now I have various Drs prescribing this, that,
 and everything in their arsenal
to try and relieve symptoms.
I like the Drs, but no one knows exactly
 what is going on, so we're playing russian roulette.

Nearly 5 months now
I cannot care for my yard
I cannot clean
I see no one, go no where.
I've had to sleep on my couch for nearly 2 months.
I have yet to take down my Christmas tree!!!
For those who know me, follow me,
you know how organized I am, how tidy I am,
you know I'm miserable just looking around.


Now having said that, there are many
in the world truly suffering from horrific trials.
So I slapped myself upside the head,
took off my self pity mask,
and decided 
to don a positive beret.

Due to the craziness of the holidays I had not done
my annual donations. To be honest, I just plain
forgot due to my focus on me. Not good

I corrected that today.
10% of my income (which granted, is small)
each and every year.
You cannot help everything and everyone,
so you have to make tough choices.
Here's what I decided a few years back.
I select five from five groups.

Medical Research/ Facility
Positive Political Action

Deep breath, yes, I can still do those.

My world is back in balance
It does not matter that this is the growing pile
of items to be sold. It is 7 columns deep.
I drag my portable O/2 out to the garage
 for five minutes and grab boxes, close my heart to 
the doubt and throw on the pile.

Sale in March

BTW Any American Girl collectors out there?
I have the retired Christmas tree/ornaments in orig box for sale.
Hannah never set it up, she didn't even open all the packages.
None of my local gals desire, so leave me a comment,
and I'll get back to you with pics and info.
I'm selling for half of the prices listed on E-bay.

It's all good 
Well no, there is a lot VERY wrong
in our world but just for now,
focus on the good, and do some good.

Later Gators



Karen Ann said...

I'm trying, I'm trying!

Just got Fire and Fury in the mail, maybe I won't even look inside.

So sorry to hear you're still struggling and yet not a clear diagnosis in sight.. that's gotta be frustrating. It took me years to get a fibromyalgia diagnosis and it's still frustrating but helps to know what you're actually dealing with.

I, too, am sensitive to meds. And I have some food allergies. Is it possible something you're ingesting is making you sick? Just for the heck of it, have you tried going gluten free? Diary and sugar would be the next things to eliminate. But, one at a time or you won't know what actually worked. Just a thought - something to try without an added pill.

donna baker said...

I'm so sorry for you. I know you must be chomping at the bit. I agree with you about the whole doctor business. The right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. All the meds available do have many side affects and I am glad you are still slogging through it all. My husband has been sick. First, it was the flu, then food poisoning now back to flu. He is weak as a baby yet still won't go to the doctor. Drives me crazy. Hope you get back to yourself soon. I know you are raring to go.

Mugwump Woolies said...

Z, I'm so sorry to hear this! Are you familiar with the site Mind-Body_Green? Lots of good info there with alternative methods to "pills". Do you have access to a Functional Medicine doctor? They look at the whole picture rather than their pill guide given to them by their pharmo rep. I'm with Karen Ann...go gluten free...and sugar if you can. Get rid of all candles except beeswax. Have you brought anything into your house that might be toxic? New furniture? Sheet, blankets, pillows? Did you paint anything? So many of our maladies are caused by environmental toxins...inside and out. Don't drink bottled water.

Sit and let you body rest and heal...forget about all the other stuff. You can take down the tree when you feel better!

Hope you feel better very soon.

Jill said...

I'm sorry you are still pulling that O2 around. Praise God it's available for home use though! helpful and yet so scary sometimes. We've had too big of dosage and allergic reactions here. Dang. Scary things. I'm sure your sale will be the highlight of many who come and buy your treasures!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Having been on this journey with you for months now I'm so sorry you still have no end in sight. At least I have had my surgery to correct my issues and in another couple of months I am praying I am back to myself. Right now I'm not able to do much of anything and I know how frustrated I am, for you it's much worse but I'm keeping faith. As for shaking off our problems and looking at others, it also makes me feel better about my situation. Hang in there friend.

Blondie's Journal said...

You have a wonderful mindset in getting yourself moving. I have asthma, and it's very hard to work through bad episodes. I take Symbicort, I'm sorry you had a bad reaction. I thought 'allergic' almost immediately after reading your symptoms.

With my virus, which like mono, make me sleep hours on end, bloggers advised me to ignore the clutter and mess. I'm like you, and it bothered me to no end. Last Christmas was the worst. I did little by little everyday. It brought me an incredible amount of satisfaction.

I do the same with charities. Two each year. We are a lot alike.

Hang in there.


joanne said...

just sending love and a hug...

Kit said...

Hey Lady! Sorry you are still struggling but I can tell, you are working hard at getting better. Even little successes are good. Don't give up hope. This will all be a bad memory soon. Hugs, Kit

Sandra said...

I just wanted you to know that, like many others, I cherish reading your posts. I am so sorry that you continue to struggle with health issues. Hoping that healing and wellness are on the way soon.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

That was so sweet of you. As you know I cannot respond to your comment as you are a "no reply" but I'm hoping maybe you'll see this and know I really appreciate your support. You definitely made my day brighter

Karmen Sunshine said...

Oh Suzan, I have not been on Blogger in so long I've missed your saga. Please know it is hard for me to read you are having such profound challenges. I hope things are getting better. I too have been cleaning out; much to my surprise I found 6 Gee's Bend quilt kits never opened (I posted them on Etsy). You mentioned E-Bay; are you selling there or just doing research? It's funny (is it?) how much we collect over the years.
My best to you. I'll keep tabs on your Blog from now on.