Tuesday, July 11, 2017

GRRRRRRR and Yin Yang

SO for the past couple of weeks,
I have been battling these guys.
I've tried organic, homemade, and
could "decimate the world products",
but I still have these critters.

Oh they might toy with me and disappear 
for a few days only to return in greater numbers.
Here, there and *^%@$*& everywhere.

I've been out of sorts, I know
it's probably just the heat, but still.

It's SO bloomin' hot,
Something like 25 straight days over 105.
Many of those days are in the 114-117 range.

I've lost a few of my new plantings $$$,
and I have jury duty coming up.
I don't mind the jury duty, but I don't like the 
difficulty in getting to the courthouse
 and parking issues, and walking downtown
on scorching days.
I haven't been downtown in over a decade.
On purpose.

Dearest son and friends were here
over the weekend for the UFC.
Because of a canceled fight,
they were upgraded to a private box.
Not my cup of tea, but pretty cool for them.

Funny, after his 17 years of living here,
Ben seems to have forgotten how
 miserable summers can be.
He complained about the heat constantly.
He's CA spoiled. I get it though.
Oh, do I get it!

I splurged on a spiralizer and 
made squash noodles
over the weekend.
Quite good actually.

So, yin and yang
Go with the flow
 dry and hot,
but monsoons are a comin'.

"oh I wish it would rain"
get out of this funk.

Anybody know where I

can get one of these?




donna baker said...

I am fighting them too and try several methods. They were eating the food out of the rat traps which makes me think that is why the rats weren't eating it. I have found one thing that works. It is at a farm and ranch store (Atwood's and Tractor Supply) and it is called Tempo. Small bottle is expensive, but follow the orders and they will be gone. If you use it in the house around the baseboards, use the lesser amount. Sure thing.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Rent an Anteater might be a thing! The heat is not my friend, makes me down right cranky. You found a spiralizer that works?? do tell!

Kit said...

Until today, I had never heard of a Spiralizer...lol I get you with the heat. I just shut down and want to do nothing. Today I got nothing done. If I see an inexpensive ant eater around, I'll send him down to you! :) Kit

Blondie's Journal said...

That picture gave me the creeps...only because I have had them, as well as the little critters that swarm on anything you've missed wiping up on your counters. I have two theories on the carpenter, or large ants. I found out I had an ant infested ivy on my house, so Hello!!! And I also learned that a lot of pests, these, spiders, and flies, lay eggs and come back religiously every year. Ant traps have always worked for me. I hope you resolve this problem.

Love the anteater solution. At first I thought it was a sloth. I figure they don't do much at all.

I hope you are having good times with your son. How quickly they forget how they grew up. My sons used to complain there was never anything in the fridge to eat. Now they come and devour everything as their own are empty.

Jane x

susan hemann said...

I use plain old grits, Quaker Oats, in my garden. The ants eat the grits and then they expand in their stomach- the end. Gross but effective. Good luck!

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Did you know they farm aphids?! I didn't until I found a colony of aphids on the bottom leaf of a rhododendron. I am battling them as well. Am going to try a Borax solution on a dampened cloth.

Jill said...

We've had some ants eating our wall! And, they are little ones not carpenter ants. The window trim has been off for over a week now and we've sprayed and watched and think we finally got them. ARG. And, I have no idea what UFC is but I assume from the picture is wrestling or boxing. Not my thing either! So cool that you are in print, again!!

Jillayne said...

We are hot and dry here too, with no rain since June. The temperatures are nowhere near as high as you have to endure but high enough to make everything crispy and good fodder for all the gd fires burning all around the province. I really do like winter best! I hope cooler weather heads your way soon...

Studio Maywyn said...

I was told that wiping the doors and windows with ammonia will keep ants away. If there's pets and small children around, I wouldn't use that method. I also read planting mint will keep ants away. Not exactly...there were ants crawling all over the mint.