Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Glorious Green and Blue

Green thumbs and blue skies are making
 for many happy hours 
in my garden. After 24 years I am overhauling parts 
of it once more, and hopefully for the LAST time. 
If you click on my sidebar pic of my yard
 you can see it as it was in 2010.
I realized I've never really shown
 the two largest beds?
Wait for it, they're coming.
I'm adding a huge used brick patio
 and pergola and redoing all the beds
which had begun to look sad and done in.
I've got tomatoes, peppers, cilantro, parsley 
and basil going so far, plan to do more.

The brick walkway runs along
 the north side of the house
and I have concentrated the majority of vintage pieces
 and small pots all along here.
I had a huge pile of giveaways that
 my friend Paula came and rescued.
They filled her car. Yay!
 Years ago she had said "IF you ever get rid of
backyard stuff I want first dibs."

Nearly everything  out here I've had over 25 years,
and it has "aged" thru sun, rain and snow.
It's all a bit compacted. We'll see if this works or 
perhaps more will go.
The brick topped table you see with
 the granite bowl sitting on
it is my potting bench. The bowl is for 
the throwaway bits as I plant.
The lidded box holds tools and such.

My aloe you see here is an example of sad. 
It was in the ground and looking so pathetic, 
so I'm giving it one more chance at life.

Cindy, I ended up with one of the skulls...See?
The trunk is from our beloved ash tree we had to cut down
in the front yard. I have photos of each first day of school 
with the kids standing in front of the tree.
I had to save a part of it.
The other part is under the sundial
in second photo.

This is the keeper pile I am moving 
around the side of house until 
we are done with the beds and patio.

 This is the condition currently of the back bed.
I've ripped out 85% over the past 2 days.
 I hope to finish today. All the "keeper" pile stuff was
 once along here. Howie rubs against and under all
the bushes and then scratches for hours in the evening.
Making him wear his sweater stops most of it. 

 I had planned to paint the walls
but the cost of that threw me way over budget,
and I'm not up to it to do myself just now.
Once the beds are simple and clean I can go back 
in and do it later, or not.

I've been absent for some time.
I just could not deal with the 
mess of our government on here,
and the rest seemed too trivial for me.

 I preferred to take action,
 make calls, donate and write letters
 rather than just vent out to the universe.
I have set goals for myself of how much to do 
each day to stand up and take action.
I will not be silenced, I'm just choosing
to directly impact if I can.

This has made me feel better, and
now I can enjoy once more the simple
days I prefer. I've gone through
 another author's complete series
 in the past two weeks. 
Elizabeth George.
Started Friday on the complete
series by Deborah Crombie.
I'm on my fourth.
I'm still searching for another Robert B Parker.
Sadly there is no one so far for me.

Wishing you blue skies



Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

Your yard is absolutely lovely - so many items of interest and the artistic flair you display so well.

donna baker said...

We do accumulate much garden stuff over the years. If I were to put it in one place, oh my. We have lots of similar stuff. Good for you with all the work. Your weather is better than mine and I am chomping at the bit to do more. Yes, I too have tired of all Trump, even though secretly enjoying his daily crazy. I've yet to hear anyone that voted for him say they made a mistake. Wish they'd show them more on the news. Hopefully, it won't be much longer before he takes his toys and walks away.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

What a wonderful yard. I love all the great stuff and plants all around also. It is looking great. I too have had a hard time with our political scene and all the damage being done. I've been trying to call, donate and stand up for what I believe. #courage

higglerswagon said...

LOVE the yard and the way you put it all together. The sweater idea is the best!
Too cold here in the Northeast to get much done except pick up all of the sticks and debris in the yard
from the horrendous winds we had. The snow is almost gone peeking out here and there and I'm
hoping its the last of it. You never know in New England!
Have fun in your yard.

Kit said...

Thanks for the blue skies! It will be awhile before I can work outside but in the meantime, I will work inside. I love all your galvanized cans. :) Kit