Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Virgin Turkey

So I realized that I never told you 
about the turkey.
The fried turkey.
My very first fried turkey.

56 minutes from start to finish
56 minutes people!

So here is the skinny.
The kids were in Toronto, 
it was gonna be just me this year,
so I made a run to Costco
 for their cranberry stuffing, 
and mashed potatoes.
 I add a little cream cheese to the taters 
and they are delicious.

Both of those can be nuked so
 mere minutes of effort.

I heated up the oil in the fryer,
that took about 45 minutes.
Then injected the 14 lb bird with organic chicken broth,
rubbed more broth on the exterior and patted on some
seasoning mix, set the digital info and 
 dunked it in my new indoor fryer.
I then made a sweet potato casserole I have made
for over 30 years and 20 minutes later
 popped it into my perfectly empty and clean stove.
Exactly 56 minutes later I had 
the perfect turkey with all the trimmings.
I've been cooking a LOOONG 
time and I can honestly tell you.
It was the best darn bird ever!
I will never cook one any other way again!

This is an indoor fryer, much safer, 
so easy to drain and clean.
I have told anyone and everyone
who will listen
 that they must get one,
an it does far more than just gobblers.

Maybe the best part is no 
rushing to prep, or loads of dirty pans piled in the sink,
I just had my trusty MS storage containers to fill,
drained and filtered the oil,
then washed out two parts of fryer
and everything else was tossed into recycling.

Remember way back when when I was
doing the happy jig about my blue bucket mop?
This IS better.

so it is Butterball XXL Premium indoor turkey fryer.

I bought on QVC on a special value day
w/ free shipping for 129.00
and used easy pay.
(click QVC to see video)
It is large so I stored the digital part inside the house
and the shell in the garage.

The plan is to have a huge seafood boil for 
the holidays since DD is a pescatarian now.

DD had quick trip home last week 
to do a commercial for her Dad.
She wanted a bloody mary.

I think it was tasty


donna baker said...

You sure that wasn't Donald Trump's hair in that fryer? It does sound delicious and everyone I know that fries one, says the same thing. Happy holidays.

Lana said...

Better than the Blue Bucket Mop?!?! 😊
The turkey gobbler sounds delicious!
Happy dance!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

It looks wonderful and I love the ease of it!!

Karen Ann said...

You're not the first person to recommend a fried turkey - I might just try that next year. Or sooner!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

DD looks very happy and I don't blame her !!!!
I saw an American cookery programme the other day and he deep fried his turkey ...... I think that it might feel a little too alien for us Brits !!!!! .... looks delicious though !! I don't think that QVC UK sells them ! XXXX

Kit said...

Well that is a different way to cook a turkey. Glad it was yummy! I hope your kids are doing good. :) Kit