Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Noble Tree

I have not had a real tree in many years.
The kids do not care either way, and I had several 
artificial that I put up each year.

 A few days ago I popped into Lowes 
and entered by the garden and passed
 this cute little noble who was reduced to 15.00.
He was very fresh and I just had to bring him home.

The House of Hatten set I had
 planned to use in this room just like last year
was too large for my little 4 footer so I
just layered on the tin stars and hearts that
go with it, and added some red glitter hearts.
It is so cheerful.
I adore the topper, he is very rare, so even though too 
large for my very noble noble I tossed him up there.

I never use the same stuff in the same 
place from year to year.
This year is a mostly "greens" year once more.
I spent years only doing white
throughout the house,
but now in the family room I'm leaning toward
mustards and reds.

I was only going to do a wee bit 
but with bins full of greens I just kept a 
plunkin' em down and it's a forest in here.

Just like my turkey,
easy to set up and take down.
I'm going easy and "very green" this year.

Adapting to all kinds of change.
Getting old is not for sissies.


donna baker said...

Well, I must be lots older than you. Noble Firs are my favorite tree. Just love the smell of a fresh tree and Nobles don't shed so much.

Kit said...

I love it! I can almost smell it over here. :) Nice to see ya decorating. Enjoy! Kit

Jillayne said...

Love mustard and red together... when I was in Grade 4 my mom made me an outfit, top and skirt, very chic I thought. The top had a kind of drop waist, long sleeves and cuffs. She didn't have enough of either fabric to make either the top or the skirt out of just one so she colour-blocked it... love, love, love. I wore it on picture-taking day and by noon I was crawling the walls - it was wool and it turned out I'm allergic and so I was never able to wear it again...

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm decorating less but enjoying it more this year!!

Unknown said...

I love your Noble and the topper is the best! Nothing beats decorating with greens and as you said it's easy to take down. Getting older isn't for sissies but we have learned to work smarter not harder and everything still looks wonderful.