Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Robbed Peter - Paid Paul

Lovely evening, nothing on tv,
I had finished up another book,
and then I

Next thing I knew I had swapped tables from
family room and porch.

Done and Done

It will work better for several reasons,
one being that I needed change.
Since it is becoming apparent that a move now
is simply not practical, I am very
antsy and craving change, no,
 I am lusting after change.

So much so that new piles of stuff for sale
are increasing in the garage.
I posted some on a virtual sale via email,
and have already sold most of it. 
I will continue to purge and sell,
purge and sell, 
and if need be another damn garage sale.
Pals will join me so they
 are always a wee bit fun. 

I've added another third more since I took this last week.

Almost time for flannel, soups and stews.
Pumpkins are already out.
I come back alive in the fall.

I roamed Ikea with a dear friend for 
FOUR hours on Saturday.
We did sit in the dining area 
for over an hour
but still...
We bought some wonderful live plants 
and assorted everything else, and we chatted
and wandered to and fro ,
and ignored the floor arrows,
and it was lovely.

On another up note:
Over the weekend, 
I had a dear friend 
return back into my life.

what joy!



Jill said...

Sounds like a good time: ignoring arrows and visiting and roaming... :) And I'm very happy that you have renewed a friendship. That is pretty wonderful.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I've got a house guest right now who has stuff here so I'm really ready to do some more purging when they leave. I'm craving a lot simpler home, not minimal which I won't ever be, but still less then I have now! I love your table. Hugs!

Kit said...

I come back alive in the Fall too! But right now we are having high 70's and I no likie. :( Kit

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Z ... I LOVE your home .... if I lived nearby I would buy all of the stuff in your garage !!!!!
.... and how lovely to re-connect with a friend .... you have reminded me to contact an old friend and make arrangements to meet !! XXXX

Jillayne said...

I always love your fall and winter decorating - it's a joy to see something simple and tasteful that gives a nod to the season in a beautiful way. I'm also inspired by your continuing desire to pare down what you have - in fact, I was just telling my husband of your timer method. Love coming here to see what's what in your corner, and so glad to see Howie is till trudging on - hope he's doing well.
Happy cooler days,

June said...

You know how I feel about rules...arrows, smarrows! I like doing my own thing and making the rules as I go along :)))
You and I are on the same wave-link Z. I'm in the middle of changing things up here too.
much love to you my sweet!!!

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Visiting from Karen, This Old House, and enjoying your blog. It's such fun, shopping in one's home...I furnished Poppet, my 1965 Scotty 'canned ham' camper thataway. Your idea of doing a virtual sale is great; I've been thinking of doing that but needed the encouragement...thank you.
I've never been in an Ikea store; one of these days will remedy that.