Saturday, September 10, 2016

Not So Easy Come, Easy Go

I have spent the last few years on a major purge,
so adding anything new into the house
seemed to be, well, just wrong. 
I had watched this bamboo rug for several years and when 
I saw it at a great price several weeks ago, 
I jumped.
It helped that it was 3 am and I couldn't sleep.
I have a lot of that honey or maple color
in the western areas of the room so this "pulled" it 
to the other end.
Although several hundred things have departed
my abode, I'm still debating the wisdom of this addition.
DD and friends have given a thumbs up,
but Howie does not approve. 
It makes noise when he walks on it, 
so he won't. He does this shuffle to the left 
that is adorable.
It is easy for me to let the old go,
hard to let the new in.
If I had a shrink, 
they might say, hmmmm
expand on that.



Claudia said...

I've always loved that rug, so I give it a thumbs up, as well! Good for you!


Lana said...

I'd give it a thumbs up, too. First thing that caught my eye when I clicked on your post over here in crazy Oklahoma. Speaking politically, first of all. Lana

Kathy said...

I can totally relate to the letting new things in. I am fine if it is something I am buying to sell but things to keep are a whole different story, even when something needs to be replaced. 9 time out of 10, I liked the old one better....

Kit said...

That is one incredible rug! It looks great! :) Kit