Friday, October 9, 2015

Boo-tiful Ball and I LOVE FALL

Quite a few years ago,
I designed a 
King and Queen of The Skeleton Ball
 for a magazine cover 

Since then, the couple has hung around in my studio.

 A few weeks ago Annie was hanging 
out with me up there watching me work, 
(she says she likes to watch? and the chair is really comfy),
 and she hinted 
that she would love a pair of her own.

A late September B-day
was the perfect occasion to 
surprise her.
Meet the Prince and Princess
The Boo-tiful Ball

I'm still overhauling the yard after major demolition,
working my new part time job,
washing all the linens/towels after kid's visit,
prepping for classes etc.

My windows are all open,
hazelnut candles are burning
and I am 
my best self this time of year.


I am a fall addict
filtered light,
early dusk,
furry slippers,
long sleeve pj's
twinkle lights are even better!

My house even looks it's best in the fall.
It fits in.


Now I'm going to start attaching over 100
 wired, double sided, paper oak leaves I just 
made for a fall garland.

If I don't fall off the ladder,
( which I tend to do)
I'll be back soon with pics

orange for fall


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Don't fall off that ladder! I enjoy fall and I can see how it is your best time of year! Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Frighteningly lovely couple! Where did you find your skeletons? Their faces are much more detailed than I have found anywhere. Happy Halloween!

Blondie's Journal said...

Awwww...I love catching up with you!

What an adorable couple. A little on the thin side but that's a good incentive for me.

Glad you are feeling good and having a great time of year.

Jane x

jenclair said...

I love seeing these skeletons transformed! This couple is especially charming. I've done a couple over the years--my favorite is very simple, but riding a black sheep. I found some more in my Halloween box and am now inspired to make some more!

Kathy said...

Be careful on that ladder! I have the bad habit of missing the last step down so it's always a little perilous for me, too. Looking forward to seeing your fall decor!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Adorable couple. I'd love to just hang out and watch you work too. :)
Looking forward to fall.

Maywyn Studio said...

Creepy chic! Love it! I hear your Fall/Autumn.
I surrounded myself with winter holiday decorations, pine and pine cones mostly. The joy wore off. This year I'm going to try a pumpkin something in paper mache or maybe a big white or rusty orange pumpkin ottoman.

Kit said...

I am like you! I love love the Fall. Hubby not so much (the new dampness makes him achy)but I thrive in cooler temps with bright leaves and apples and Halloween. :) Kit