Sunday, January 4, 2015

DS New Home/ Some More Rants

Many of you asked about Hannah's sewing project:
here are the pillows she made for her big brother
for his new couch in his new apartment.
Their style will be Mid-century Modern meets
Turkish brothel?
Their words, not mine.
Actually I think they used whorehouse.
That part is about lots of bright colors not so much 
a brothel style, mama hopes anyway.... 


  1. Gentrification is a general term for the arrival of wealthier people in an existing urban district, a related increase in rents and property values, and changes in the district's character and culture. The term is often used negatively, suggesting the displacement of poor communities by rich outsiders.
Those of you in LA/NY/SF/NJ/more
have been aware of the issues of gentrification.
It is a tough issue.

Dearest Son was subjected to gentrification
 as his rent more than doubled in the area
 he had lived in for three years, 
and even sharing that rent with three others,
it was no longer possible to live there.

His new place is also a result of gentrification
in his new area and forced out folks resulting in 
DS getting a newly renovated affordable place,
 that they need not share with roommates.

Now these kids make a modest income for sure
but their new rent for 700 sq feet is far more than
the mortgage I paid here for 2,000 sq feet..
and DD's rent for 400 sq feet is 300 more a month! 

I became curious about the topic and did 
a little research 
and was surprised to 
discover that it was often untrue that
 masses of folks are displaced 
and that there are numerous positive
effects to gentrification.
Of course some do lose their 
ability to rent in the same area,
and they are the least able to adjust to
such life changes...
the very poor, elderly on fixed incomes.

Tough issue with rights and wrongs.
DS and his girl were affected both ways...

and then while researching I stumbled
across this article...
It's long, but read it anyway if you can.
Now this will start many good discussions,
with differing opinions
and the subjects are linked because
so much of the choices we now make 
are based in irrational fears and mistruths
fueled by dubious politicians and very bad
NEWS - (she says with absolute disdain)

Lots of us choose a word of empowerment
each year to inspire us, motivate us.

I want to go one step forward 
and suggest that we adopt not a word but
a mind set, if you will.

Can we put all the typical blog
fodder just a wee bit further back on the 
burners and bring to the front
our best self?
Can we shut off the STUPID 
tv shows we watch because
the good stuff isn't on that night,
and read and be enlightened
 about important issues instead?
How about just 30 minutes a day?
and I don't mean watch the morning shows
which are merely entertainment shows.
Though I do love Charlie Rose
but at NIGHT.

Let's explore more,
dare more,
volunteer more,
educate ourselves about the real issues,
relearn where the heck the countries in Europe are
for Pete's Sake!

How would you do?

We've been at war in Iran Iraq Afghanistan Syria
and thousands have lost their lives, 
and we ALL have our opinions about that,
 but can you find them on a map?

I am ashamed to say I got Syria wrong.
I have now decided to remember  SIIA
reading left to right

I love seeing all the decorating idea, great recipes,
and DIY projects, and I still will share those of mine
if I ever get the rearranging finished.
Currently the Family Room is going through 
a metamorphosis and ongoing purge-a rama
here at oldgreymare.
thank heavens the kids are hauling out stuff 
for their homes.

 BUT I hope we can stop being afraid to 
speak our minds, challenge each other,
and share more of the Life stuff.
Blogs can be a mix,
and it's Ok to have different opinions.
We need to be an example of
the power and intelligence of a woman's mind.

So show me some stuff,
what issue is important to you?
What rant do you wish to make?
Put it in the **** It Bucket top right.

If I cannot motivate you here,
 how about being frightened
 about what happens to your brian if you don't use
all those other areas?

"There's always room for Jello"
what your brain becomes....
and speaking of Jello...
how does everyone feel about Bill Cosby?

Rant Over-
Now where to put the huge white cabinet,
the cream wing back and drawer sets I removed 
from Family Room?


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love how you challenge us and make us think!! Bill Cosby is a predator. That's my opinion and has been for years even before all this came out about him.

Love the pillows and hope both DS and DD have settled in their new homes.

Karen Ann said...

Well that was certainly some valuable food for thought!

Have to say I NEVER would have believed this crap about Bill Cosby before it came out about him. I liked him a lot. What a shame all around.

Do I dare tell you my ignorance on the map? .. nah.

Becky Garrison said...

Love this! I think a rant a week is a good idea. I call it mt "soapbox". There are lots of good things on blogs, but maybe if we would share our soapboxes or rants we would learn even more.

oldgreymareprimitives said...

Hear Hear Becky..You are a no reply, so I will reply here. I believe there is room for it all on a design blog, lifestyle blog, DIY blog.... whatever.
Of course some can't because of fear of their sponsors..

Women of a "certain age" as my friends now say :D have loads of experience and wisdom and it's a shame if we don't share it.

Please feel free to dump in the bucket any rant at any time.

Maywyn Studio said...

Unfortunately, in this day and age going on about social and political issues/voicing opinions can generated negative responses from others. I feel as a blogger, its better to not use my blog as a soapbox for political and social issues that are controversial. The few times I did, traffic increased at a disturbing rate. I've shut down my Pinterest account twice after rethinking how much of my opinions I care to share. Its dangerous. I prefer to bitch about things like ads taking over the page when I didn't click on them or the effin touch pad that chooses for me as well. I vote. I support by reading, by clicking, and by trying to stay clear of buying into the media latest pet projects. Ranting isn't what it use to be on the Internet.

Maywyn Studio said...

I type a lengthy comment that disappeared when I was editing it before clicking on publish.

The Boston Lady said...

I totally understand about gentrification . It should be and can be a good thing, but not when it forces out hard working people who are trying to rent a place. I've been reading about the problem in the LA Times. It IS a big problem here.

It's ridiculous how much they want for rent!,! Even my husband I are struggling because of it. I'm not sure what the answer is, but we need to help each other. Money isn't everything. Let's focus on the important things in life. If you have a little extra, help someone who doesn't. We've all in this together. Ann

Lana said...

Suzan, just trying to get my Google acct. back in working order after my son has been on my computer. I had a message to you after 4 months of being away from here...will find out how to get this done. Have missed being in touch. Will see if this works.