Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Coming Down and Z Cozies Up

Christmas is coming down
and more things are headed 
out to the garage
on their way out of the house for good.

I found a few of these holiday end pics on the camera

Pay attention - this table has since moved.

Whoop! Table moved

Big white cupboard that was on this wall
has moved upstairs

More open - less stuff- loving it

Winter work days have slowed to a crawl.
This is when I hunker down, purge
 and clean, cozy up and hibernate.

Lots of candle burning,
napping and reading.

Last look at this year's tree

Special mementos from a dear friend

Reorganized all the cupboards after Dearest Son
cooked in here for a week
 and used everything I own somehow,
then Darling Daughter cleaned up
 and put everything away somehow.
Golly I miss them so...

Making soup day

A Happy WINTER Wednesday

We're approaching the 70's
sorry for you folks in the 2nd polar vortex
stay safe and warm


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I'm taking down Christmas and sending some out the door also. It is feeling so good to simplify! I think I'm going to really re-think how often I decorate for a holiday. Maybe keep some for Tablescapes but I'm kinda tired of changing out my cubbies all the time. Life has gotten busier so less time for all that stuff! It feels so good to let go.

Karen Ann said...

Ah, beautiful.. all of it. I am loving your many many wooden spoons! I oughta start a collection my self.. but then again, that's more "stuff".

Tracey Broome said...

Christmas is coming down here on Sunday. A nap.... what I would give......

Blondie's Journal said...

I almost feel like a stalker spending too much time looking at the pictures of your home! Ha! Everything is so the way I love...each and everything a treasure I would love to have. I like the table where you have it, and I love the chair in the corner behind the sofa...I could imagine curling up there with a good read.

Great to see someone with kitchen counters like mine. Clean counters are a sign of an uninspired cook...or maybe just a slob like me.

Loving your temps...hating ours.

Jane x

ohiofarmgirl said...

I miss having my kids home as well. It is cold here and I am sitting in a chair with a blanket. I am warm and cozy but it just isn't the same without them. Dianntha

Young at Heart said...

It's freezing in London today...all about the soup!!

Young at Heart said...

It's freezing in London today....and all about the soup!!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Your home always looks beautiful Z, whether it is with Christmas clutter or not …… I love the pieces of lace that you have { in the second photo } ….. you didn't get rid of them did you ? XXXX

Kathleen said...

Still have a few Christmas things up here. Yes, it's cold here in N E Ohio. Actually I love the feel of winter. It doesn't get old until the last week of Feb. What's hardest to get used to is kids not living near by.