Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Merry Festive What The Dickens Holiday

A blogger bud Karen Ann,
one of my politically fearless pals did this post today:

I had to relate this tale that happened just two days ago to me.

This is my comment to her...

"This issue came out two days ago with another customer, a checker and me in the line of a store. The checker wished him (wearing NFR jacket and spurs- they were in town last week) "a Happy Holiday". He snarled back "It's not happy It's MERRY Christmas." She, the checker, smiled and said "we are told to say Happy Holidays as to wish all faiths a good season"..He said "It is damn Christmas!" While he was bagging up his stuff , I stepped up to her to be rung up and wished her a Happy Kwanza and him Happy Chanukah. He stormed off and she said are you Jewish? I replied no, and we laughed until I peed a little!!!

Get over yourselves people! It is a merry, merry no matter your race, creed or color.
and to you my friend......

a happy merry festive what the dickens holiday....
much love

Could *we *just *stop *this nonsense?
No religion in it's pure form teaches


It is man that twists 
loving beliefs into an unrecognizable mass of 
hatred and greed.

It is man that could change it all,
but chooses not to.

This woMAN
says cut the crap
behave yourselves.

Please dear GODS of all faiths,
I pray that you
show each of us the path to 

Happy Merry Festive What The Dickens Holiday


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Well said and happy whatever!

Sally Crowe said...

I'm here from our mutual friend, Karen's, blog. There are so many grouchy, grumpy, politically "correct" people out there, but I'm not going to let "them" influence me at all. We each have free will!

So Happy (as your friend above said) Whatever. :)

joanne said...

I get so sick of it 'all.' Who has the right to tell anyone else....but I won't go there on your perfect post. I'll just say that all this b* has taken a lot of fun out of this holiday for me. MERRY Christmas my friend.

amy of four corners design said...

yes - happy whatever you want! as I saw someone else posting - "be happy that I am saying something nice to you, whatever it might be!)

Tracey Broome said...

I am so fortunate to be working in a retail establishment this year where people respect each other, celebrate the Earth, grow their own food, make cheese, beer, can vegetables, love house plants. The people that enjoy these things are happy, not like the people fighting over bargain electronics. We have got to get back to basic living and find joy in that! We have only had one customer that was a sleaze so far. We had a promotion on gift cards, spend $50 on a girt card purchase and you get one $10 card free. Somehow this jerk figured out a way to just basically get the gift cards and get a discount on his purchases. So just because of one jerk we had to change the policy of when to use them. Ass wipe!
I am wishing everyone a Happy Holiday, not everyone shares my beliefs and that's fine!

Kathy said...

Well said, as always!!!

Claudia said...

I used to work with someone who got incensed if someone said "Happy Holidays." I must admit, I never got what made her so angry. Who cares? It's the spirit of the Holidays that count and, lord knows, Christmas isn't the only celebration going on at this time of year.


Robin Larkspur said...

Super post!!

Julie Madsen said...

Oh Z....beautifully said. Happy Everything my friend!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Perfect and rightbackatcha!

Kathleen said...

If anyone takes the time to wish me a happy anything I don't get offended in the least. I'm just happy they're being kind. I also I've never been offend if a man opens the door for me either. It's called being civil to each other.