Sunday, February 16, 2014


Brown checked cover was removed from sofa
It never really fit properly and it had a huge worn spot
This is a medium green check

So scheme in the room needed to alter a wee bit
I got this sofa for free over 29 years ago
 and I have recovered it 2 times
I see another time in it's future

Brown chair and ottoman that was in left corner swapped for 
matching cream one to right corner chair previously upstairs
Wish I had a video of me bringing it all down 
and going back up through too narrow doorways
and very steep stairs in the middle of the night lol

and scary

I was in mismatched pj's 
unkempt to say the least,
and I had the thought
if I landed in a crumpled ball at base of stairs 
what a sight I would make..
Yeah I'm weird that way

Removed the floating shelf that was here, 
( gave to a friend to use)
and all the black frames and simplified the corner
Also very happy to have my reading corner back up here

Currently reading The Goldfinch 
on the nook DD gave me for Christmas

Some of the black frames moved over here
and the white framed eye ware 
and button hook collection moved.....

 into the guest room

One of the benefits 
to having a unified palette
throughout the house

On a whim, I can swap when necessary
or to be honest..

when I am bored or working out a problem
This time it was both

Have a great week everyone



Romeo said...

Ah, so I'm not the only one who thinks about what someone would find should I fall down the basement stairs while carrying up or down something that I shouldn't. Which reminds me, I forgot to ask for help bringing a chair up that must go to a friend tomorrow. Better be sure and look a bit more put together than normally, just in case.....

I do love the changes, and agree that a unified palette certainly makes changing out much easier! Well unless in your case you have an upstairs and downstairs ;) So, what color shall the sofa become now????

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

I had a EA sofa that looks a lot like yours, Z. I gave it to my son, and when he moved to Japan, someone else scooped it up. Wonder where it is now.
Hey! Look at me. I'm typing this in mis-matched pjs. Ha-haaa. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you when it comes to rearranging the furniture. I miss that. Our big pieces are pretty much stuck where they are and only the small stuff can be moved around.
I too think about things like if I fall off this ladder I don't want to be conscious when the 911 team hauls me away laughing. :)
Enjoy your book!

Sonja of Hickety Pickety said...

Do you make your own slip covers??? If so... I really hate you now!!! :)

Karen said...

I have often thought I should really really be working toward a unified pallet. I'm slowing turning that tide...

Everything looks lovely in your home - warm and inviting.

Tante Mali said...

Hi Dear,
you have a very warm and welcome home. Thank you for sharing your procets and ideas. Wonderful!
All the best to you

Lana said...

Hi, Suzan! Love looking at your "midnight moves" with the chair up and down the stairs! :)I can identify with the mismatch jammies!! You always give me hope. I'm cruising through the Feb-April issue of WWCreate on a Friday night of crummy headed to my cluttered back bedroom to MY t.v. and my eye-candy magazine. Had to check in here with you, first. Love your posts. Hope your week ahead is filled with goodness...simple, plain, goodness.

Marcela para Colorin Colorado said...

You are absolutetly right about easy swapping when working with a unifiend palette. And fun too! I just moved my stuff around on the living room, come on over and take a look!

c. Joy said...

I'm so slow to leave a comment these days, mostly I scan the pictures, try not to envy the writer (I should have thought of that!), and think about how lucky I am to have stumbled upon blogging. Today, instead of using the reader thingy I used the blogs featured on my "blogs I follow" found on my blog. When I went to your most recent post "This is a test" is was a bunch of lists... not your real post. I got out of it and tried again and it was an even longer list. Not sure what is going on, maybe you've been hacked or sent out something you didn't intend to post. I tried another way and found this post and you really don't have to post this I was just looking for the quickest way to tell you something was up with your blog.

Sally said...

Oh goodness gracious. That plaid sofa looks identical to a love seat of my daughter's! We have always loved it. :)

the old white house said...

they sell matching pjs? who knew? Your moves look wonderful, as always... your home is so perfectly homey. Love the girl on the bench by your reading nook, she is perfection! Good luck with google, we are not on speaking terms as I write this. love, t.xoxoxo

beth said...

i love that….you make me happy when skies are grey….sign !!!!

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Everything looks so cosy in your home Z - love seing peeks. Thanks for sharing