Saturday, February 8, 2014

Continuing On And A few Stories

So from the dining area you enter the
 kitchen, family room and back porch.
Coming as soon as I save my pennies,
a new corner sofa and a complete rearrange to
allow additional seating here. 
The yellow cupboard 
holds additional kitchenware.

Notice the church board calendar
on the right wall. 
Many of you have commented on it before.
Also spot the Alice in Wonderland Door.

My Italian Vietri Cucina Dishes
Love these - I traded several days of 
organizing labor for these many year ago
and have never regretted it.
Some day I hope I can afford serving ware.
With each serving piece being nearly $100.00 and up,
I'm not holding my breath.

That cart used to hold my Dad's jigsaw in his workshop.
After a thorough cleaning,
I left it in it's original condition, 
chipped paint and all.

The round basket above the spices holds
a very old piece of a house Hannah found
in an abandoned lot in NYC.
She knew I would love it, and squirreled it away in 
her suitcase for me.

Guess who - another photo bomb from Howie.
and a bit of Justice's butt.
She's drinking water I keep on the
trolley shelf, so she can find it.
The small cupboard to the left of the pantry door
 was once on a boat, and holds more spices.
The double stacked doors hold the
laundry chute, and more pantry space.
The antique yellow-ware lidded crock
holds the dog treats 
and Howie knows the sound
from rooms away!

On toward the porch

The old man painting I bought 
for my Dad for $3.00 when I was eight years old.
He made the frame
from barn wood he found on our land.
The bakers table in front of the shutters
is very unique and
has swing out seats and 
cutting boards tucked in.

This old kitchen cupboard holds bar glasses and 
party goods for outdoor entertaining.

So that's the first floor except
 for powder room and laundry.
Stay tuned for upstairs coming soon.



lilraggedyangie said...

O THANK you for the tour I could spend hours daydreaming lost in your beautiful pics such a warm comforting home you have created...Love Howies photo bombs what a cutie...have a wonderful weekend hugs lil raggedy Angie

Bead and Needle said...

Always beautiful - always calming! Enjoy the weekend, Z!!! Tanya

Kathy said...

Suzan, your home is just gorgeous. You asked me why it speaks "calm" to me and I think it is the low-color plus the way everything looks so substantial and somehow "grounded". I don't know if that makes any sense but that is just how it feels to me. I also think it says Pennsylvania farmhouse. I mean that in a good way and plan to point my PA transplants to you for some decorating ideas for their 1820s farmhouse. Thank you so much for the tour, my friend!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your home is so interesting! I just love all your unique items tucked here and there. A feast for the eyes and yet soothing at the same time.

June said...

I could SO live here z!!! SO---when do I move in????
love ya!

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Good Day !!! Your home is fabulous.I see so many treasures I adore.

Happy Weekend :)


okcamp said...

neat stuff

Blondie's Journal said...

Suzan, if I ever had a nervous breakdown, instead of going to rehab or a looney bin, I would come to your home! It's cozy and warm and gives me such a calm feeling. You have so many interesting pieces as well. I love your it screen in? I couldn't tell. Looking forward to the upstairs!


Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I completely agree--Your home does convey a feeling of calm and serenity! I absolutely love your kitchen cabinets- I am going to paint mine this Spring - would you mind sharing the paint shade?

Nella Miller said...

Suz, I was scrolling this post very, very slowly, savouring every little bit! I love that you take pics with your lamps warm and lovely..cozy, and very June, I could curl up here anywhere! N.xo

Lana said...

Z, I absolutely LOVE your home. It just feels so comforting and inviting. The personal things you have make it so interesting. Beauty that is your personal touch... gosh it's nice!

Julie Marie said...

Oh my goodness, your home is so beautiful!... I love your kitchen and all of the special treasures you have in there, especially using your daddy's old jigsaw cart... these are truly the things that make a house a home... loving all of your primitive country things... and your rustic table and chairs are so fabulous... signing on to follow... xoxo Julie Marie

Pom Pom said...

Hello Grey! I came over from Kit's blog. I love your kitchen cupboards. That color is so good and the white knobs are my favorite!
Your home is lovely!

erin's art and gardens said...

hi Z! can i move in with you, because i just love it! all of it. do you have any tips on how to hang really heavy pieces on the wall? do you use toggle bolts or some other trick? my favorite part of your decor is the sentimental pieces that reflect your personality and love of family.

Kit said...

What a great tour! I just adore your home and of course that gingham chair....LOL Off I go, more lympics! :) Kit

Jill said...

Enjoyed the tour!

Jackie said...

Wow, that is one gorgeous home! But alas, I could not have such a wonderful sanctuary. With a 300lb 6 foot 2 husband, it would be like a bull in a china shop!! Nothing would last a day! Thanks for sharing your home with us! I can only dream of a place like that!

Carole said...

Well don't faint I am commenting and catching up on all your posts. Your house looks so calm and peaceful after the holiday clean up. George just took out the undecorated tree yesterday. I thought I would miss it but it was time. I feel honored to see G and me on your calendar. I almost forgot it was coming up...hehe

Karen said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE taking a walking tour through your beautiful home. It's so soft, warm and welcoming and I can tell it's full of personal treasures that mean so much to you. Looking forward to the rest :).
Hugs - Karen