Sunday, January 5, 2014

With A Cough, A Sneeze And A Whimper

Darling Daughter's Beau Blake
had some friends come to stay with us last week.
They both arrived sick.
Then they shared.

 DD and BB helped me 
at work for the past two days.
Hard, physical, dusty work.

(DD finally sitting at end of today)

Now tonight DD and Beau
have fevers, chills, and a box of kleenex 
has already bit the dust.
Coughing, sneezing and whimpering are
taking place in my family room.
Soups, hot teas and ginger ales are flowing.
My chickadees will be going to bed early.
Poor Birdies
The Mama in me is happy I can nurse them. 
The practical in me thinks..
Aw hell, when will I get it?

Happy New Year My Friends


Annie's husband Ron is now home and awaiting test results,
and a plan of action for a healthy outcome.
Annie and I thank you for all your kind thoughts and prayers.
I told her you guys were the best!



the old white house said...

We had the same stuff at Christmas for the second year in a row. The ones that had to leave left unscathed at least. Danielle and her beau left without incident and John is only nursing a head cold and not the flu that was passed around like a mad game of white elephant! I was the last to receive the gift of the flu and hopefully it's gone for good! We now have quite a bit of snow and it looks like a winter wonderland, which is better than when it looked like narnia after our ice storm just days ago!
I hope that the bug stays clear of you and that 2014 is full of love, laughter and prosperity my friend! love, t.xoxooxo

YONKS said...

What an earth is in those boxes - intriguing.
Wishing a successful outcome for Ron.
Happy New Year!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Wishing you and yours a happy, happy New Year Z, filled with many wonderful times.
So sorry to hear that the New Year has started with coughs and colds though ….. here's hoping that you can avoid it { wishful thinking I think !! }
…. and, fingers and everything crossed that Ron will hear some good news.
Much love. XXXX

Lin said...

Well, at least you get to see them, even if they're a little sniffy.
What work have you been doing? Looks like you're packing up to move?
Glad to hear Ron is home. Sending more positive thoughts their way.
Be well. Be happy.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Mama, take care of those babies and I hope you don't get sick! Hang in there! Hugs, Linda

Kathy said...

Oh dear, I hope this won't be the start of that winter crud you get! Are you working at the auction house again??
Take good care over there and happy to hear the good news about your friends!

Art and Sand said...

Some nasty bug has made its way from me, to husband, son, and back to husband. Somehow our daughter missed it and is glad.

Hope you don't succumb to the illness.

Nella Miller said...

Dear Suz, it is height of flu season here too...I am staying put for a happy to hear your DD is still with you...and the good news about your friend...the holidays are certainly over, and routines are back with a vengeance ...N.xo

Jill said...

I'm just seeing your request for prayers now but it's never too late to add more! Boy, I hope you don't get the bug. So far all the bugs here have been mild with two ear infections which responded quickly to the antibiotics. What, pray tell, is in all those boxes??? You do like to tease us don't you?!

Kit said...

So glad he is home. Don't let him give up. You are nursing your kids and I am nursing my hubby, hernia surgery. Feels good. Take care of you. :) Kit

Cindy said...

This nasty bug has hit our home too! I haven't gotten it...yet. I spray everything and everyone with lysol and I walk by. It is horrible. I hope your family is feeling better!
I am glad your friend is home. My mother-in-law just went through all of that. It is heartbreaking. My thoughts and prayer will continue to be with your friend and you.
Much love, Cindy

Jackie said...

My hubby came down with it on new years day, bad head cold, takes 7 days to kill it. Now I have it, ugh!!!I am only 2 weeks over my hysterectomy surgery, so I am trying very very hard not to cough to hard and hurt something!! UGH!!!! this is impossible!!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Oh, I hope everyone feels better soon. I didn't have the cold and cough but I know how miserable that is, too. Take care of yourself my friend! And thanks again for the comfy robe I've been wearing so much! It came at the perfect time! Sweet hugs!

Lana said...

Wishing you well, Z~ Stay healthy, my friend! Hope the good news is still on the positive side with your friends. Prayers for them and for you, too, Suzan. Blessings~

Boxwood Cottage said...

Oh oh fingers crossed you wont catch it too Z! I came over to wish you - a bit late - a very happy and healthy new year! And btw my blog is not updating anymore not in your blogroll nor in others and apparently there is nothing I can do about it because my blog feed is working correct says blogger/google help. Oh well looks like I ( and you) have to live with that October witch lamp picture forever now lol
Happy nursing!
xoxo~ C.

Evi said...

Z,so glad to hear Annie's hubby is home. I wish him well. It is hard to see a loved one going thru an illness.
Boy, I hope you get a break and don't get sick!!!!!!!
Was at the doctors yesterday for routine stuff. Lots of sick people around me.
Reminder to self...try to schedule routine appointments for warmer weather!!!!
I am keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed for you.
Love and hugs,
PS. Wish I could make you some hot chocolate, with something extra, like brandy.........