Monday, October 8, 2012


When you are a film student at NYU,
and per year pay more than 5 times what your grandparents
paid for their first home,
and are required to make films in order to graduate
you would think NYU would help fund the cost.

You would think wouldn't ya?
(where have we heard that before?)

anyhoot ....all through grade school and jr high and high school
I never allowed my kids to hit up friends and family
for fund raisers, their dad and I would just buy what we could afford and call it OK.
Well, except for Girl Scout Cookies..
we had requests for those...
and we still stacked up many boxes in our pantry.


Darling Daughter has her first 
fundraising site up and running as of last night 
and I am posting the link right up there at the top right column,
and right below here in this paragraph.
Her dad is putting up a giant sum for her to make her film,
Leftovers, but it still won't cover the cost so 
like all these other kids, she has to go out 
and try to raise funds however she can.
Indiegogo makes a safe, informative place to help
these students.

No pressure guys, none, honestly
I just told her I would do it to help spread the word.
Times are tough and lots of people need money 
for far more important things... I get that.
But if you wish to toss a dollar or two into the mix,
well then, DD thanks you and I thank you.... 

and God willing, someday you may say
"Hey, I know that Director"

Her Mom and I are friends.

UPDATE: 9/10

Thank you Thank you 
to all my buds who have donated to the cause.
Hannah is thrilled,
and commented to me that I know some
 wonderful and kind gals.
Don't I know it.
I get all weepy just thinking about you.
My heart is full - I am so blessed.

Please notice the giveaway upper top right.
You too have the chance to own one
 of Tanya's gorgeous pendants.
Enter before Sunday.


Theresa said...

Good Luck DD!! I hope you make your goal so that your name is on the back of a directors chair one day soon! We had just heard of Indiegogo and actually looked into it... kind of a 'shark tank' in a much gentler form :)
loving the burlap wreaths, Z! Your new charms are fabulous too, what a sweet gift! I hope all is well, since fall has arrived it looks like you are enjoying some autumn inspiration... keep it up! love, t.xoxoxox

Tracey Broome said...

My daughter is in film school at UNC School of the Arts with a concentration in screenwriting. The school pays the entire amount for every film they require the students to make. For their fourth year film, they are given $5000. The tuition is also somewhat affordable. She does know kids at other schools that were able to get grants to make their films. Good luck to your child, if we weren't spending all of our cash on tuition I would love to help :)
love your blog by the way!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Z,
It's so hard to get funding when you are studying in the Arts field. Our son is now an executive producer at the BBC and is in his dream job. He studied Music and German at University and we thought that it would take him ages to get a job in the music world but he did, so I'm sure that your daughter will and she must follow her dream. Nice that her Dad is helping her.
I shall follow the link now.
Also, I think that you might have had an email from someone who got into my emails so many apologies for that. They sent the same email about working from home to lots of my contacts. I hope that you realised that it wasn't me !!!! XXXX

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wishing your DD the best on this! I know how hard it is to get funding! I supported her with a contribution! Hugs, Linda

Bead and Needle said...

We're all proud of Hannah, here in Blogdom...I know it's not much, but hope every little bit helps. XOXO ~ ME

Claudia said...

Yay, Hannah! When I was in grad school studying acting I was in a couple of student films. It amazed me how high the costs were for those dedicated film students. I hope Hannah gets the money she needs.