Friday, June 22, 2012

Where the hell is she?

One place I have not been lately or at least often,
is right here, at the computer desk. 
For those of you who notice such things, this is a new/old desk. 
It used to be the table in my family room. 
It was swapped out for a new acquisition.
Yep, that is Darling Daughter as my screen saver.
Dearest Son was on there last week.
I alternate. 

This is the new/old table in the family room now.
Long story how it came to my home. Let's just say it was a swap.

 I just adore the top of this piece. It may look grungy but it is
scrubbed uber clean. I re-nailed and glued and added some support to this baby. Now I can spread out when I pay my bills, or have company for a casual meal.

(at a previous home)
There is another long story to this red primitive cabinet. It went through three different friends' homes and after a long difficult journey, ended up at mine. I had never attempted to own it thinking I would not want to repaint it. 
Even though it was not original paint, 
I hoped it could stay red.
I have successfully sold it for two different owners in the past,
and was trying to sell it again the past few months.

Suddenly two weeks ago, it needed a home fast,
 and so over it came very late one Friday night,
crammed in the back of a Yukon
with two High School guys holding on to it.  

By lunchtime Saturday it was white 
and hanging out in this corner.
(Ignore the curtains, that is changing)

The bowls from the kitchen island scooted over 
and Voila! new vignette.

I've also sewn and sold some totes and purses.
As soon as I get the supply back up they'll be in the shop
which I hope to reopen soon.

(very poor shots of some totes)

they hold a ton and are reversible..come in many 
fabrics and can be customized...

the answer is 
is still around and roasting in lala land.

Stop on by and let me know how you're doing.


Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Happy to visit you this evening. Your home is so welcoming. Love the uber clean terrific -ally worn table you added to the living room. Good read. Thanks.

Susan McShannon-Monteith said...

Well you certainly have been busy. Love the new table, its so inviting...
Stay cool and have a great weekend.
Susan x

Theresa said...

New table and cupboard are awesome! I like that you painted it white and kept the shelves natural, great contrast. The table looks fantastic with the huge bread board and bowl of goodies on it! I am up early on a Sat. to fill bags and get everything and everyone ready for the market and as I checked all of my 'stuff' I saw that you had posted and had to stop by for a quick visit! Take good care of yourself and Happy Saturday! t.xoxoxoxoxoxo said...

So happy you are back:) Love the new things you have been doing around your home. I use the bags that I won from you ALL OF THE TIME!!!!They are really the perfect size and oh so pretty. Everone should own one or two:) Have a beautiful weekend!!!
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Kathy said...

You have been a busy girl! I love the patina on the top of that table. Happy to see you back in blog-landia, too!

The Boston Lady said...

Well, I knew you hadn't been sitting around eating bon bons.... you've been busy and I really like all the "new" stuff, especially the corner cabinet transformation. Hope the heat isn't too bad! Ann

Linda @ A La Carte said...

You have been very busy my friend. Love the new old table and that corner hutch is amazing. Things are looking good. Your totes are super nice...enjoy your weekend. hugs, Linda

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Love your new table Z. it's so beautiful. I love the grunge look. just perfect .

Anna said...

Hello, Sweet friend, I love the table/desk wonderful use of it. The corner cabinet -lovely. Have a nice weekend! Anna

gail said...

it all looks wonderful, z. I love the prim table with the wooden bowl.
Your home looks so inviting!

Grammy Goodwill said...

I love your desk/table. I'm roasting, too.

Carole said...

I LOve the light your house gets. I know I've said that before. Great new hutch too.


Bead and Needle said...

Vacation going well - hot as Vegas, here in, the state is afire! Tried to text this afternoon. I see all is well - hope you're catching up on some much deserved rest. See you in a few weeks...

Romeo said...

While you are roasting and therefore probably not in your right mind, wanna swap for that table ;) "She" totally gets why you had to have that - it purrfect! Even I can see that! I mean I could easily stretch out and take a nap! THAT is a purrfect table!

Hope you are having a purrfectly roasted day!

Purrs from an equally roasted cat and "her"

Amber said...

Glad to hear from you Z! :) Love your new table... it's perfect the way it is. Our dining table is fashioned from 200 year old barn wood. It's uneven and dinged up and I love it! xo, Amber

Razmataz said...

LOVING that coffee table...the stories that could tell....everything is looking smashing Z....stylist extraordinaire!

Anonymous said...

Thought of you last week as we drove through Nevada, Z. I was the melted blob in the tiny white car.
I don't know how you deal with the heat and work on projects too. Pass the ice cream in a glass, please.
Stay cool, baby.
~ the other Z

Debbie said...

So you ARE still blogging!!!
That's a good thing...
Your house looks wonderful!!
I LOVE, love, love the new/old table in the living room. It looks great!
So, summer is going well for you?
The hutch looks good in white, especially with the bowls inside. Of course I'm partial to white, and white ironstone.
Anyway...nice post.
Enjoy your week.

Cindy said...

I LOVE your new/old table! It is perfect! Love the grunge, texture and size! I just love everything in your home, so cozy and warm!


MEM said...

What a wondrous transformation! For the table, the cupboard and for you----always something new around the corner to make life interesting!

jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

just saying to do 4 shows in a row !!!

great table/desk !@!

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Z!
Loving the tables you swapped. My husband brought me home some real old boards and promised to make me a table! We'll see how long that takes.

erin said...

somehow, i missed this post...oh yeah, i have over 800 posts in my "google reader" to catch up on....which is not going to happen, sheesh. love the hutch, love your room, love you.
p.s. it is hot and dry here feels like the desert!

Jill said...

I've been missing so much lately too and have no time to visit anyone either! I love your bags and thrilled to hear that they are being snatched up right off the machine...Nice to touch base with you again.

beth said...

i love your new swapped, it's just fantastic !