Friday, June 1, 2012

Milk, Z things and FroZen fruit

So yeah, I can be persnickety
I become obsessed attached to cleaning products, vacuums,
buckets, authors, lotions, potions and foods.
I frequently order the exact same meal at a restaurant 
every time I visit if I love a dish.
If I find a purse I like, I'll buy it in both black and brown, 
brown and grey, whatever....
Same goes for jeans, t-shirts, sweaters and shoes.
I have sets of the same t's, pj's, slippers,
underwear, blazers, capris, dress pants, blouses....
Multiples abound.

Girlfriends call me to ask me 
"what do you use/buy for __________"
They know I've researched it to death
and I have the winner.

Three gals bought the blue bucket and LOVE it!
Of course they did, it's a Z thing.

Think I got this from dear old Dad,
who upon his death had over 
20 pair of khaki,
 Made in America Chinos...
and he had recently purged a bag or two to Goodwill.
He lived in fear they would stop producing them I suppose.
Like Sears ever would!

Which brings me to my obsession with cold milk.
Icy cold skim milk or I cannot stand it.
I put ice in mine and
so does darling daughter...not sure if dearest son still does....
After many overnight stays, the kid's friends began to do the same.
I also taught them to eat their ice cream in a glass
with you guessed it, milk.
You pour the milk into the top and then quickly slurp
 half of it icy cold, before smooshing the rest with a spoon.
I'm a cold milk pusher.

Last weekend darling daughter mentioned 
that she had begun to put
ice in her bowl of cereal in the morning.
She said it made the cereal better.
This same daughter sent me flowers this week...just because...

Pondering this idea Wednesday morning I had an
Aha! moment and ran to the freezer..
grabbed a bag of frozen strawberries,
took out about five and quickly rinsed the frostiness off them
 and then very carefully sliced them into thirds.
(difficult to do to a frozen berry)
threw them into a bowl 
(my special hand thrown yellow bowl,
of course I own two),
added my FAVORITE
Pecan Sticky Bun cereal and added the skim milk.

Icy ICy ICY cold milk with no soggy berries,
no watered down milk!
oh me oh my..small pleasures... WoOt!
In case it was a fluke I tried it again this morning,
and yep, icy deliciousness.

Let's see, frozen peaches, blueberries
would also be divine.
I'm sure many folks out there have been doing this for years
but it's new to me and I love it.

A few other things I love?
Philosophy Amazing Grace/or Grace
 (smell lovely and clean not doused in cologne)
Clinique Happy
Mally Black Mascara - hands down my favorite
Sheer Cover Concealer
Serious Skincare Light Fraxion (bye bye crows feet)
Heeltastic (cracked heel remedy, 
smells good and I've tried EVERYTHING)
DeLore Nails Nail Hardener/Dryer 
( I've used at least 15 years now
topcoat dries in 60 seconds, makes cuticles better)

Professor Amos Shock it Clean
(cleans so much bad stuff so well, and it lasts forever)
Spin Mop Deluxe Cleaning Bucket
(infamous blue bucket)
Tylex Mildew Root
(best problem shower cleaner,
 missing here in Vegas for years, now back in at Lowes)
Dyson vacuums - everyone knows that right?
Pumi Scouring Stick (I'll never be without one)
All Watkins Cleaners and Mrs Meyers
for routine "green cleaning.

That's enough, good gracious
you'll think I'm a wacko 
with so many Z favorites..
not wacko, just persnickety..

Have a great weekend my friends


Theresa said...

I loved this! Favorite Z things... genius! There are many things on your list that I have not heard of before so I need to investigate where to find them in my lil neck of the woods. I put frozen blueberries in my cereal, delish... especially when I raid the kids Cinnamon Life. I have switched to Silk and rarely drink it by the glass but I must have cereal on a regular basis and what a pb&j without a glass?
Ok... I need to go over to check out your list again! I talked to John today and now we really MUST talk soon... I work all weekend, picked up extra shifts but very very soon! blogland is a wonderful world! love, t.xoxoxo

Faded Charm said...

Hi Z,

It's been a while since I've stopped by my friend. So sorry, but kids and life sometimes get in the way.

I sure hope my daughters send me flowers, just because when they are are a lucky Mommy and must have done something right.

As far as ice cold things, my teeth are so sensitive to these kinds of things, unless it's a frozen margarita,

Enjoy your weekend,

Lana said...

I loved the list, too, Z! I'm going to find out more about these (Heeltastic, DeLore Nail finish, etc.)...and I'm right there with ya' gal on the "cold milk" thing!! I've never been one to put anything but banannas in my cereal...but I think frozen strawberries just might be next! Does anyone besides me like Lindt 70% dark chocolate? I keep it in the freezer! Little chunks and a glass of cold milk...NCIS or a Stampington read...ummm, good.

Poet Whale said...

Thank you for such a wonderful post! Great list

Frozen blueberries and strawberries and I have been friends for decades. As a kid I put milk in ice cream, and sometimes grape juice and Pepsi. In the 1950s-60s there wasn't a lot of fancy drinks like they have today. You had to be creative.

Bead and Needle said...

Great list - gonna' be checking some of those things out! Lovely flowers from darling daughter - Happy Weekend, Z!!

Candylei said...

I laughed and enjoyed your icy milk fancy. My sister makes their morning orange juice and serves it as an icy to guests. My brother in law likes it without ice. It is delicious. Maybe you could freeE your skim milk and make milk icy!!! Wouldn't all the parents be thrilled to buy it? Have a great weekend.

A Quilter Awakens said...

I'm gonna print that list and stick it in my purse; that way I won't be wasting time and money wondering what works. Thanks for taking time to let us know. Karmen

Kit said...

Oh this was great! I love it. And I love that your daughter sent you some flowers. She was raised right. And you are definitely worth them. :) Kit

wendy said...

Mally Black Mascara..never heard of it? And I am always on the look out for the best mascaras.
I HATE clumpy mascara.
You have quite a list there girl.
I am impressed.

Debbie said...

What is it with having stuff ice cold? I don't drink milk, but have to have OJ. It has to be freezing cold for me to drink it!!! I dump about six ice cubes in it. It's not the same as your milk fettish, but I kind of get it......
I have a cleaning list too. Mine isn't as extensive as yours...mostly consists of bleach, ammonia, toilet cleaner, and rubber family calls it OCD.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what most of these products are as I've jumped into a time machine and pulled the take-me-backwards lever... but the icy cold milk? Oh yeah. I'm an ice cream masher - much better that way. :)

Anonymous said...

Cool, lady you are an open book, keep it real....'watching from the Crows Nest'

Rebecca said...

Hey Lady!
Cool Z things... who would have thought... such a milk lover :)
I will have to check out the cleaning stuff.
Sounds like things are good in your neck of the woods. Me, I am in my studio these days getting ready for Indiana. Wishing you a lovely Sunday.
RE said...

Well aren't you full of fabulous tips:) I already have a Dyson and am going to definitely try the Tylex Mildew Root cleaner. Thank you so much for this post:) Oh, and the flowers, gorgeous just like your Daughter:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Jane said...

Hi Z,
Hope all is well with you. What a sweet daughter you have....the flowers are gorgeous!
Have a great week.

Pooch Purple Reign said...

hehe... i just bought a gorgeous white hoodie, then a week later decided i will ruin it if i wear it as often as i really want to. So i went back and got another one in fuscia. It rocks.
~laura xx

A Cottage Muse said...

OMGosh, the only other person who I knew put ice in their milk was my Nana (in her beer too)!
Persnickety is good!

Nella said...

Dear Suz, my mind is reeling!!! I had to read this from top to bottom several times, what have I been missing out here, must live under a rock, NO, a pile of decor mags more than likely!! I have some serious product searching to do! I too love all my drinks ice cold, not just milk! Fill it up with ice, then add the liquid! Always such fun and smiles visiting you. N.xoxo

Cindy said...

Love this post! So funny and informative at the same time..
So sweet of your daugther to send flowers out of blue! That is always the best surprise!
I confess, I am a musher too...especially ice cream.
I am going to check out Mally Black mascara and skincare light fraxion. I LOVE Philosophy Grace! I use the lotion and it is so clean and pleasant!
I, too, and going to print out your list so I can be on the look out for all the great things!
Another great post!
xo Cindy

c. Joy said...

I like ice cold milk in my White Russians - does that count? Have a great day - your baby did good. Happy Mother's Day.

Carole said...

George puts ice cream in his cereal....even better then ice!!!

I could go for that right now myself.


Evi said...

keep going with the list. I wrote several things down.
As you can see, I have not dropped off the face of the earth, just seems like it. Life has been getting in the way of blogging, etc. Too much going on. Hope this is going to change soon.
So, now I am going upstairs to make myself a strawberry smoothie
with ice cold 1% milk.....

Jacqueline said...

You just carry on being persnickety...anyone who does this much research on my behalf is Golden!