Sunday, April 29, 2012

QUICK! Who am I?

My loved one and his loved one.
Sitting on the stoop on
 a California afternoon.
My dearest son knows that 
a simple photo or a few words
can make my day better, both kids do, 
and they frequently treat me with a surprise.
"Cheer the old broad up."  

I have needed cheering lately.
Nothing horrible or awful just the
"I'm tired of being a grown-up and
having to do/decide everything alone blues."

A friend took me out for the day yesterday
after I had a meltdown after discovering 
a mouse in my garage, and he is no MICKEY.
 You guys know I am
the queen of neat and tidy and
 this dismayed me to no end. 
19 years here and I don't even 
have a spider in there!
I then had to decide which horrible way
 to dispose of said critter in 
the most humane way, 
 I can find him again... This ensued major
moving of all tubs etc from floor and major cleaning etc. This added to some major life
decisions that have weighed on me for many months, and so I had one of those
sad, weepy, I feel so sorry for myself cry.
THEN of course I snapped up and thought of 
all my blessings and the true hardships
so many face and I then I felt silly and selfish.
Becoming a dual personality here folks.

Maybe it is merely the onslaught of 
my worst months coming soon.
I despise the heat...
Perhaps it is post-post-post menopause?
Maybe I'm just nuts?
Maybe I'm just sad for all my 
troubled pals and the world 
and fearing the path we are all on.
or again, maybe I'm just nuts?

I am waiting for a handy-man/yard guy 
to come rescue me from the dilemma today,
if we can find HIM!
I hate that I am resorting to male rescue,
but my choice is go crazy or get it done.
I am perfectly capable of dealing 
with all this on my own, I know that..

it's not are you a man or a mouse?...

It's I'm a woman with a mouse,
and I am freaked out!!!!


The Boston Lady said...

Hello Sybill, I mean Suzan. I too have at times developed a few different personalities to deal with stressful times - good cry? hysteria? head turning in circles? Go for it! We all need to do it at times - a mouse (how big is he? 10 lbs at least I bet) would cause me great stress especially if I was afraid he would show up unannounced. Let the guy take care of the rodent, you take care of yourself! Love the picture of son and other/better half, now that would cheer me up too! Ann P.S. we are approaching our oppressive "oven" months too and I am entering them kicking and screaming!

Kathy said...

Oh, dear Suzan, this certainly does sound like a case of the straw that broken the, er, mouse's back. Just once in a while it would be nice to find that EASY button!
If it is any comfort, I DO have a man and we still find, as we are growing older, we resort more often to hiring help with things.
Good for you for focusing back on the good parts!!

Bead and Needle said...

You're scaring me...just a little. It's just a mouse - welcome to everyone else's world - if it was a rat, THAT would be something! Cheer up, Chica!

Blondie's Journal said...

I think with your warm climate that you have little threat of the mouse getting into your house. We get them early winter and I have to set poison out. Where there is one...

I'm glad you were cheered up by a friend. Now on to exciting things!


Razmataz said...

Oh Sweetie, sorry you are having a lousy day. I really feel for you knowing how much you would like to be living elsewhere. Damned economy is affecting people in so many ways.

WhiteWhispers2u said...

Oh I hate being in a Funk! Blessings my dear.It's not so bad trapping the mouse it's then picking it up to dispose of it. Ugh!
My best to you~Cheers Kim

Kathy B said...

Dear Suzan,
For the longest time, I couldn't figure out how Pinterest worked. I finally "got it" and it has opened my eyes to some of the greatest blogs that I never knew existed, yours being one of them!
I can so identify with your mouse situation-have been fighting the same battle witha herd of them who want to live in my dog food cabinet.Every morning I open the cupboard and hope not to see a tail sticking out of the trap, cuz I know I'll have to "put on my big girl panties and deal with it". You are not along. Your post today sums up what I have been feeling for the past 4 months. Thanks for helping me realize that I'm not alone, even when it feels like it.
Kathy B in Cleveland, OH

Anonymous said...

Dear Minnie Mouse, I mean... oh, whatever. Do you not have a cat? Or a dog? Our boxers go after any small creature they see and would totally kill a mouse near the house. I would have totally freaked, screamed, and run into the house while pointing to the garage and telling my dogs to, "sic em, Fido".

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Z - you´re absolutely not nuts - definately. Have just had to shorten my vacation for the same case. After 3 nights with no sleep due to mice and a bat we had to go back - hysterical... well I do no...
(just posted about that a few days ago)
Hope you get it sorted out, so you can rest

Robin Larkspur said...

Unfortunately we get mice at the end of Fall, as the weather gets cold. They are seeking shelter, it doesn't have anything to do with cleanliness or neatness. We put the sticky traps down and bait them with wild bird seed. Sorry you are alone to deal with this. I am sending you some good vibes and a great big hug. Perhaps we should have some chocolate?

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh Z .... I hate having mice ....we have had the odd one from time to time., When we returned from Amsterdam, a pidgeon had come down the chimney and had resided in one of the bedrooms for 5 days !! you can imagine the mess. As my husband was clearing up the mess, another one fell down the same chimney....the joys of living in an old house !!
....... and, I made nothing down in the red light district !!! haha. Just walked through it and left it to the professionals. XXXX

Carole said...

Ok crazy lady....nothing personal I call a lot of people that:) I'm not a mouse killer either I make G do the deed. I know doing it alone is not easy. Then again having to wait for the other one to do it isn't fun either.

ps hey if one mouse freaks you out how are you going to live in the rat house??? lol said...'s OK to need and ask for help now and then. Really. You need to do something fun. Even if it is just taking some "me" as in "you" time just to do anything or nothing at all. Then find a highschool kid who can do some things around the house for you. I hear they love mouse hunting. (It could be worse I have chipmonks in my house.) You know you can call me any time too:) I hope you kept my number:)Cheer up and find that teen. He'll make a little cash and you will be less stressed. It's a win win!!!! You can thank me later:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Blessed Serendipity said...

Cheer up Suzan. Go do something special just for you.


Bodhi said...

Hang in there. Maybe it is all of those things combined and you just needed to release some tension. And, I am so not looking forward to the heat, either. Give me fall, winter, or spring forever and I would be a happy gal.

A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Z...sorry you are feeling down and then to have a mouse in the house (garage)! Eeek!
I know exactly how you feel though. Last summer I SAW one in my trailer! Freaked me right out! I screamed and scared it into the heating grate in the floor. My husband turned on the heat to sweat him out but he popped up the other end looking cool and collected, unlike me!

Anonymous said...

Awww...I think most of us can sympathize with you! Mice are nothing to laugh at! Let us know when it is gone...and I bet you'll be smiling! ♥♥♥

A Quilter Awakens said...

Dear Suzan, I wish I could loan my Joey to you. He has had to content himself with chasing spiders and houseflies; he would love to tend to your mousie.

Theresa said...

Well thank goodness that you got that sweet photo to cheer you up! I am a mouse, not ashamed to admit it... if I saw one, dead or alive, I would call anyone, man or woman, boy or girl, who would take it away for me! I am not a rodent kinda girl. As for the other stuff, as much as we try and look at the bright side of things, it is not a weakness to recognize that sometimes enough is enough! For us it seems that when we have just about hit 'enough' we get the relief we need to keep going. I hope your relief comes soon dear friend. t.xoxoxoox

Kathleen said...

Haha I know several men that don't like dealing with mice either. I was pretty concerned the other night when my son called me while walking down the street, in the very nice area, in DC. He said a huge rat just ran past him.

As far as your mood is I can relate. The news is grim, our kids live far away, and we all know people that have it worse than us. I'm sorry your in one of those dreadful slumps. As you know what goes down does come back up...sometimes a little slowly. It is amazing how good news from a child really helps lighten the load.

Kit said...

Oh no! That sounds like me with wasps. I go crazy and act like the female version of myself(I am usually very independent) and have to get the hubby to come and find and send it back to the wild. I know how you feel. Sending hugs! Kit

Jillayne said...

Not wanting to deal with everything is not the same as not being able to... sometimes it's a "wa-wa-wa-watusi" and sometimes it's a "wah-wah-wahhhhh"
Nothing wrong either with getting a little help on this one. Find a cardboard box you can stand on...

Cindy said...

You need to get a good mouser cat!
When I have days like this, I use my son's old punching bag in the garage. It is filthy dirty, but it gets all my frustrations out! I have pretended it to be many people! haha

Your son and girlfriend are so cute!

Have a better day!

Claudia said...

We all have meltdowns. I've had a few of my own lately. Mice? Living in the country, we are plagued with them. We've had to resort to pest control, as does everyone around here. It breaks my heart, because I cannot bear to see any creature harmed, but they multiply rather quickly, otherwise. If you saw one in your garage, chances are it got in there accidentally and can't get out. I bet it wants to get out as much as you want it out!


jeanne@juNxtaposition said...

get mice in my house EVERY near the happens..has NOTHING repeat NOTHING to do with cleanliness.....again..NOTHING to do with dont kill yourself over it !
for the record..i've been up and i've been down..just today heard a song about 'walking through this world all alone' and it made me i GET it....
it takes the downs to make the ups, take a breath, and go with will turn soon.

Debbie said...

Well, it's been a few days, I hope you got rid of the mouse. I can do spiders, and snakes...but not mice. Just the word makes my bowels contract.
I'm sorry for the state of your are not nuts. When I hit a rough patch, my kids call it "mental-pause". We all go thru it. I refer to it as "emotional-cleansing". If we leave it all just sit in there, the emotions become stagnant. Our emotions should be like a flowing river...flowing, and out...crying cleanses the soul(our mind, will and emotions) yeah, and if you believe all this crap, I have an alligator farm in Florida for sale real cheap.
Seriously, the sadness comes and goes..we know not from whence it comes, or where it goes....
Hopefully you are starting to feel a little better each passing day...if not...try Zoloft. It works for me.
Big hugs.

Romeo said...

Oh dear - know about this too. I have/had a mouse in my trailer. Where all my show inventory is waiting for September. She had three babies but they were already dead. Tried to trap her humanely and have had no success. Checking often but no mouse. Could she have vacated? Not sure but certainly is distressing. Yep, I get this. Freaked out for sure!

"Her" and Romeo (who did patrol but with no success)