Sunday, March 4, 2012

Poofy Pinterest

Not quite "poof" I'm gone,
but only a faint shadow of my former Pinterest self.
Here is the conclusion I came to
 that works for me, for now, time allowing.
I kept the two boards of my stuff, because I
 have my permission, and so do any of you.
I also kept tutorials and recipes because duh...
people do want us to 
use them ( I hope) and (hopefully share).
 I still have some
residual guilt about these two,
 but for now this is where I am. 
I removed my link from my sidebar 
so as not to promote Pinterest.

Eventually when I have time to go through the DIY
and libations and bookmark it all I will be able
 to remove it all, and THEN "poof".
But it is Sunday afternoon, and I have scads to do
 including tax stuff and I'm just too cranky to 
worry anymore about this, but there are things I do 
want to be able to locate, so only 3/4 's poofed.

Everyone do what you 
think is best for you. 
I can now stop fretting about 
hurting anyone in any way.
now shall we talk politics?
just kidding....


Anonymous said...

I've just never gotten into all the hoopla of Pinterest as so many have. I think I may have 3 photos on it and have probably pinned 2 or 3 things. The entire website just doesn't speak to me or hold my interest.

Terra said...

I never got around to even looking at pinterest, so I don't have those decisions to make, I am happy to say. The changes on FaceBook and blogger are enough to deal with!
Have a blessed weekend friend.

Candylei said...

I hear you. I have loads of things to do too. Then again with dial up things(big files) take forever to load so I couldn't ever spend much time there. But dial up is still faster than a typewriter ;-) Hope your weekend was great!!!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

I did the same last night. I hadn't added much but unless it was mine it is no longer on my Pin boards. I am adding watermarks to all my photos but there are hundreds posted before I learned about watermarks. Always something new to learn.

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Oh why, oh why is everything so complicated?

beth said...

the whole pinterest legal woes is such a mess....i'm not sure what to i'll just keep hanging out with everyone else until we see what happens next...xo

Olive Cooper said...

You are a woman of character and Lord knows the world needs more.

MEM said...

This a prime example of a fast crash and burn, I guess. too bad since it really is a fun site for many people. sometimes it pays to go with caution. There are so many choices for other ways to get inspiration, however. Whew we can all take a deep breath and continue to enjoy your blog!!!! Cheers and smiles.

Theresa said...

Did you see her follow up post on Ben Silbermann calling her and asking for her input? I have been going to sites for the pins because I wanted to make sure that the right person was getting credit and it seemed that recently more and more often that was not the case. So no pin. Now I have even more to think about... I too do not have time to go through every pin, and add names, because when I first started pinning I went a little pin happy and didn't really do my homework. I thought it was kinda cool when someone pinned my stuff but have been adding my name to my work photos. i thought everyone probably felt the same way. I know that I gained followers from it. Then a post came up and a pin about not pinning someones work and then my eyes were open.
Thanks so much for sharing this, we all may need a pintervention but if that is what it takes to keep everyone honest well then I will sit in the circle. :)

Primitive Echoes said...

I love Pinterest too. I never considered it to be illegal or unethical. I guess I just never thought of it that way. When I pin a picture on pinerest I always go to the blog or site from which it was originally pinned. I have found some wonderful patterns to buy, tutorials, recipes, and ideas. Most bloggers are always trying to get more followers so doesn't Pinterest just help with that?
I don't post on facebook but I do have tons of boards.
Just don't understand the totally unethical part.

Blondie's Journal said...

I know I would love Pinterest and that is the very reason I stay away. With so many bloggers posting what they have found, I get a good taste of it. I just feel it would be a time gobbler!


Linda @ A La Carte said...

I do think your decisions are good ones and I'm going to evaluate my Pinterest board also. Hugs, Linda

TheCrankyCrow said...

:o) Now sleep tight my conscientious friend....And happy new week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

The Boston Lady said...

I think the politics may be less confusing and aggravating, but then again when I say that, I realize that Pinterest is a piece of cake in comparison. Taxes. Ugh. Ann

c. Joy said...

I gave up on Pinterest... Now, if only I could do the same with taxes. Saw you in Country Sampler - recongized the pictures before I read the article and thought someone was seriously copying your look. Funny, all this contributed to my decision to dump Pinterest. Happy Tuesday!

Debbie said...

I can barely keep up with blogging, and facebook, and emailing, and working, and housework, and grandkids, and my hubby, and etc. So I guess I won't miss the pinning thing...which I never tried anyway.
I admire you for doing what seems to be the right thing.

Rebecca said...

Hey... yes, I am still alive but have not been on the computer much. I see you are talking about the pinterest issue, I have not been on much lately but I see glimpses of the legalities now and then on fb. I have my stuff out there without links, I see quite a bit of it and to tell you the truth if I cared that much about my images then I would watermark all of it. I try to make sure there is a link - I guess I thought most of them did link back. Too busy right now to do anything about it though. How are you doing? I got you phone call and have been going to call you but to tell you the truth just haven't had the energy yet. I did pu your issue of Country Sampler and drooled over your lovely home. It looks all wonderful, congratulations. I know it wasn't easy.
Blessings to you today

Pooch Purple Reign said...

I dont have much to say on the pinning thing, ( i use i minimally ),but i sure do want to say hi !!!
`laura xx

Anonymous said...

Poof. My Pinterest is completely gone.

Now I'm over at flickr - where one can save a collection of favorites that directly links to/credits the photographers that uploaded the photos.

Feeling better about all this. Thanks for the "heads up", z.


juNxtaposition said...

funny..this weekend i was finally getting to all my magazines piling up..and as i was reading (a few months old) GLamour...they actually have a new monthly feature which is things they find on pinterest...

Lana said...

Suzan, I admire you for doing what you feel is right. I've cruised the P/site and consumed a few hours, but like many on here...too many things to get my time. I have taxes to do, too! And don't get me started on politics! I'm an MSNBC junkie...Hope your life is going well. Flowers blooming in the Ozarks..

Jane said...

Hi Z,
Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I never did get a Pinterest account myself but have spent countless hours browsing what others have pinned. Technology is great but I can't keep up with everything!!

Miss Gracie's House said...

Just wanted you to know...I have been thinking about this...and that article you linked to...that REALLY made me think!
Also, I saw your house in the Country Sampler...and recognized it right it!

Anonymous said...

Hey z,
I googled for this post, because I'm back on Pinterest. Why? Because there are new technologies available now that make it clear whether or not we have the orig. image source owner's permission to pin an image.
Flickr, magazine sites, blogs, etc. are providing a PinIt button on their sites. Also, many of the places that I originally pinned from have since joined Pinterest. So I'm back pinning away.