Saturday, March 17, 2012

Green and Yellow St Pat's

Supposed to be windy tonight and tomorrow.

Wanted to snap a few before the nasty 
winds empty the branches.
They've already put the rooster askew.

These Banks Roses all burst out in the last two days.
Every year without fail, they put on their best show
just for me.

All so fleeting though... it is sad..
and I am always careful.....

Alas, they vanish quickly but
 they give me such joy for a few days...

I have been out on the porch restringing lights and 
washing all the furniture and shutters down.
Another simple pleasure that 
just brings me joy.
I also popped into the library yesterday after work 
 and grabbed a tote full of novels.
Finished an Elizabeth Berg last night.
What more could a gal want?

johnny depp
ice cream
to be a size 2
to be 3" inches taller
jude law
a new purse
a maid
robert downey jr
a cook
new shoes
johnny depp
ice cream...
focus z focus


Susan @ said...

I have those roses in my yard too though we are not even near blooming yet. I never knew what they were called, I took a sprig from my grandmother's yard years ago and they've gone wild over here!
Thanks for the info, they look beautiful in bloom at your house!

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

....... and Johnny Depp !
Your roses are spectacular Z. I can't believe that they are out at this time of year.Are they early ?
...... and Johnny Depp !!!! .....Oh, and don't forget Johnny Depp ! XXXX

Linda @ A La Carte said...

Your roses are spectacular! Wow! I would love those when they bloomed also. Hope you are enjoying your day! Hugs, Linda

Robin Larkspur said...

Such gorgeous yellow roses! Thanks for the beautiful photos! And, Johnny Depp, my most darling favorite!! Yummmmm!!!Thanks for the dreamy reminder of him. said...

LOLOLOL Too funny. You can have Johnny after he leaves here tonight;)ha ha Your roses are totally gorgeous. Love that bird house too. I went to the flea market today ... soooo the yard didn't get touched;) And now I am cooking sooooooo maybe tomorrow?
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Kit said...

Sounds like Johnny Depp is up for grabs! Love those flowers. Ahhh, I am drinking them in on a very cold and snowy day. Kit

June said...

Happy day!!! I smiled when I saw your beautiful roses! It's been raining here for days. I love rainy days :)
love from here...

Carole said...

Ok I'll take Johnney, being size 2 and those incredible roses! How come we don't have those here? the roses that is?
Happy St Patty's Day!

regan said...

Those roses are gorgous! Your garden is so beautiful with all the accents! Sweet!

And I'll settle for a size 8, some chocolate.....and yeah, Jude Law! He's yummy!

A Cottage Muse said...

Ok...can I add Robert Redford as Hubbel? Just saying...

Bead and Needle said...

I think you are perfectly focused...depp, downey, and law - PERFECTLY focused! Beautiful roses, my friend...XOXO

Lana said...

LOVE your posts! :) Jude Law and I'm sixty four! Yes. BEAUTIFUL pics, Z. Thank you, thank you!

Kathy said...

Love your list - thanks for the smiles! I am glad you had such a glad day.

Theresa said...

Those roses are gorgeous, I'm yellow with envy over here! I love your list, Johnny feeding me ice cream before we go shoe shopping... while the maid is cleaning up our fabulous house and the cook makes us a delicious dinner for two!!!
Happy Sunday~ t.xoxxooxox

Createology said...

Your post brings a smile to my soul. I love your yellow roses. Such a simple want list which I would have many of the same things on mine. Be safe in the winds...

Low Tide High Style said...

Those roses are so beautiful! Isn't it funny how the things that are the most fleeting are often the prettiest?! Congrats on your milestones too. Love these pictures, thanks for the springtime boost!

Kat :)

TheCrankyCrow said...

You had me at Johnny Depp.... ;o) Gorgeous roses - I've never heard of/seen those before....Now back to Johnny and ice cream....I can live w/o being a size 2.... ;o) Smiles & O'hugs ~ Robin

MEM said...

Lovely flowers so hopefully the wind didn't whip them around too much! We live on/by/next to a lake so wind is a constant and flowers don't do well on lake side. Guess I'll have to enjoy your pictures. Thanks for the inspirational list!!!!

Nella said...

Suzan, you are so sweet and funny, I love you!! N.xo

Keity Tasaki said...

Happy to find your Blog today. So wonderful your pictures!
Beautiful roses made me happy:)

Cindy said...

I love banks roses! Beautiful pictures of your treasures.
I think we have the same list!!

karen@somewhatquirky said...

Could you please tell me where you live so I can come steal your fabulous bird house?