Friday, July 22, 2011


SO here you see typical male behavior.

He (HOWIE) is stretched out all cozy in her bed,
while she ( JUSTICE) is hovering nearby on the cold hard tile,
after suffering surgeries and extractions and 
wearing a cone for two weeks.
His bed is less than 2 feet away, but nooooo
He wants HER bed.

You get the all too common scenario right? sigh....
Have a great weekend everyone.

Darling Daughter got another apt, 
and this one has more closet space, 
though it is 2 more floors up than the last.
DD says great for the calves.
Mom just thinks "ouch"
When I visited her last spring,
4 floors up and down all day, added to the 3 flights at 
each subway nearly did me in.
Thank you for all your kind wishes on her behalf.
I'm sure the apt fairies heard you. : D



June said...

Thank you so much for the much needed laugh!

Next time you go to visit your DD will you take me with you...I could lose a few pounds and this would be such a FUN way to do it!
hugs from me to Z...

Low Tide High Style said...

Aww, poor sweet Justice! And I'm so glad your daughter found a great apartment, even if it does mean a workout every time she comes and goes!

Kat :)

d. reyné said...

Too funny!
I am so glad another apartment was found! And I agree...good workout!
But not too fun for mom!
Have a blessed weekend!

Kit said...

LOL!! What a great laugh I had at your dog's expense. Good news for your daughter, but I wouldn't look forward to those stairs either. When my daughter's moved into an old house and you had to go up 3 flights, I threw my hands up and said, I am done with moving children!...LOL Kit

Jacqueline said...

poor baby! However, on second thoughts, perhaps the cool tile feels good!
I'm glad the apt fairy landed on DD's shoulder, sounds like this one was worth waiting for!
And the more stairs the gym membership necessary!

Razmataz said...

Poor doggie....Howie...get off the bed NOW!

So happy Hannah found something else. I need a tall house so I am forced to climb stairs....She has such tiny legs she doesn;t need extra exercise...lucky girl.

Cozy Little House said...

Well, she's young. And they can get by with that sort of thing. The things that seem like "obstacles" for us are merely "shrugged shoulders" for them!

Carole said...

Justice is just too nice....but then maybe she's the smart one laying on the cool tile.

We can learn so much from your pets.

95 and humid today!

The Boston Lady said...


So glad DD found an apt and she has a good attitude about those stairs! Thanks so much for talking with me on the phone today! Justice! Speak up and get Howie out of that bed! Hope she's feeling better soon. Ann

Blondie's Journal said...

I think sometimes I may as well sleep on the floor for the way hubby hogs the bed. Great laugh! And beautiful dogs.

I'm happy for your daughter. I do feel for her when she has to bring home groceries or the dry cleaning.


Joycee said...

and so she lays close, on hard tile, just to be there if he wakes...typical!

GarterMademoiselle said...

I think it all depends on the weather. If the summer is as hot as everyone is saying it is in the states right now, I think that is one VERY smart female since she has the cooler more comfortable place. Let the men think that they have the better bargain, us ladies know better!! ~Debby (I am enjoying being a new follower of yours. such a fun blog!)

Evi said...

is'nt it just typical! Very funny.
My hubby always wants, what I ordered in a restaurant. He'd take over, if I would let him.
Your dog has "bed envy", my husband "plate envy".
Men !!!!!!!!
Hugs, Evi
PS. Feel sorry for you just thinking of all the stair climbing.

Jillayne said...

Great news about your DD - I am sure they did hear.
As for the male thing - Bozzy has been doing just that to Josie for three weeks now but we are at the point that just looking at him now will deter him, and he even has the grace to look sheepish. It has also helped that there are now FOUR handmade cat pillows scattered around the house for HRH (him, not her) yet, he would still rather try for the one she is on. It's like having children sometimes.
Hope Justice is on the mend...

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, poor sweet Justice! I know how she feels - ha-haaaaaaaaaa.
Happy DD found a great apt., but it reminds me of the B&B my daughter & I stayed at in London - too many stairs!!!
Happy weekend, z.

Bead and Needle said...


Glad Hannah found a place...sorry about the stairs, Z! Happy weekend...Tanya

time worn interiors said...

That looks exactly my dogs! I always give them two raw hide chews, but they both want the same one! Guess who wins out! The male! Cute photos!

Glad your daughter found another apartment! Wonder what kinda stuff you will be dragging in off the street this time! hahahaha! I can see it now1


beth said...

oh, poor thing. those cones i hear are miserable to deal with....for dogs and their owners.

thank god your daughter found a place....oh, new york, new york....she would love "friends with benefits" as that's where it takes place.

and hey, great paint job. wow !!

Jane said...

Hi Z,
Very cute photos and commentary! I do hope Justice is feeling better.
So glad to read that your DD found an apartment. That has got to be a relief. I can't imagine how exciting it must be to be young and living in NYC. I bet you have fun visiting (steps and all)!

Rebecca said...

Hey Sweetie
So glad your daughter found one she likes even though there is the stair issue, I hope there is a service elevator at least. How do you get the furniture up there?
I am not even going to comment on the male behavior thing... my track record speaks for itself :)
Have a wonderful Sunday...
PS. We have had storm after storm go through, of course... since I put up the tent. Yesterday it was in a heap in the middle of the yard.


Romeo said...

Yep, no doubt who is the male ;) I WAS a male, but now I'm neutered and act accordingly - I would never do that to my sisfurs ;) (you believe me don't you?)



A Cottage Muse said...

Typical is right...thanks for the laugh this morning!

Happy to hear about the new apartment too!

Cindy said...

Your male/female scenario cracked me up! It is so true! LOL I hope your pooch feels better soon!
I am so glad your DD found an apartment! I wish her lots of adventures and great times in her new home!

gail said...

So cute and so true!
Glad to hear about the many flights of stairs have I walked up with my 3 daughters? Don't think I can do it now...even before the surgery!!!
Slowly making my way back to blogging. Still having a few problems with blogger plus inn and physical therapy keeping me busy!!!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

haha i wouldnt know much about male behaviour since i fly solo ... o wait , i have 2 grown boys... got it !!!
have a great weekend
~laura xx said...

This is absolutly male behavior:0 Don does this to me every night:) lol Always on my side of the bed and then in the morning complains that the blankets that HE brought over with him are hanging off my side. LOL Men....they're lucky we love 'em so much;)
~Debra xxx
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