Tuesday, July 19, 2011


There is always a project.
I have lists, you know that.
Some things get removed quickly 
from the list,
 and some keep getting shoved back
 down to the bottom.

for YEARS!

This expanse of cabinetry has been
 on the list for at least 5 years.
Purchased for a song and it fit the space, 
but I hated the blonde finish and the den
 is right inside the  front door.
 It is also the computer room so I see it 
every bloomin' day.

Knowing I had been procrastinating
 far too long, I ran to the store,
 bought some lovely
MS paint "molasses" and opened
 the can and smeared some on the
right side of the end cabinet.
Now I HAD to paint it.. 

Three days later, well actually five;
(I paused for the stomach flu for 2 days),
 I love it, and now I love the room,
and finally I can take it off the darn list!

So this is where I sit when I type my missives
to the universe.

It is where I read, watch tv and all too frequently, nap.

 Other News:

Darling Daughter found a
wonderful NYC apt, and then today
someone else snatched it away by offering 
200 more a month.Back to the drawing board.
DD also made the Dean's List
(I had to ask permission to tell you)
Mamas need to brag a little now and then

We have spent hours searching on-line 
furniture sites for affordable 
furniture that can be shipped to her.
I love IKEA but their website sucks.

My sweet little Justice had to have 45
"old dog" warts removed (out of over 60),
had 8 teeth pulled,
and has had a doggie cone on  her head
for a week and she is miserable.
The back of my legs are not faring well
either as she bangs that cone into me 
dozens of times per day. 
Throw in temps over 100 and humidity,
a few personal blips,
and I am ready for August to arrive.

I have a giveaway fast approaching and this
time it will be done in the traditional style,
where you comment, follow, visit other sites etc
 in order to win some wonderful gifts.
Multiple winners again, so stay tuned.
A wonderful box of ribbons from Carole
will be one of the prizes. WOOT!

Stay cool everyone!
Seems it is hot hot hot everywhere.
Now you know what desert living is like :D



www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Gee, you are a busy lady. LOVE how the room looks with the new color:) Your daughter will probably find something more wonerful than she thinks. And your pup is better off without the warts and bad teeth. I know I would be;) I wish they would come up with better 'cones' for them. My pets always have problems with them too. I keep list too and love to cross off the things I have accomplished only to add more to it. lol We are busy busy aren't we?
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Beatnheart said...

Hi there stranger!
I have been lost in my Etsy world working hard to build it up...it has been wonderful so far. I love your room. It is such an inspiration to me...it is exactly what I need in our spare room. I work off the kitchen table and that can be a messy pain. Hey come on over...I’m having a giveaway...all the best..keep cool...cynthia

Kit said...

So very good to see you! Whew, you been busy. Love the cabinet with it's new "clothes" and your room is awesome. I want a couch in my room to sleep in....LOL Congrats on son, and hope daughter finds another home. Hot here too, but get this, on Thurs. 68? Strange weather for sure. Take care. Kit

Cindy said...

I love this room! I don't think I would ever leave. I love the hour glasses on the cubbie shelf and the "Z" signs..perfect. Did you get in that last haboob?? Weather has GOT to change soon!

Jill said...

You do have a knack, wow!! What you can do in a small space. You should write a book :) Have you?
The color IS much better and something off your list. I will try that list idea again someday when it won't be so depressing to see it grow instead of shrink. Ha!

Razmataz said...

That's New Yorkers for you!...Survival of the fittest.

Try www.csnstores.com - they deliver free and on time....

You have the right to brag...you must be so proud of your honour student....way to go Hannah.!

Love the cabinet painted and love that whole room...so interesting..and I have seen it in person which makes it even better.

Give poor poochie a kiss from me. I remember my Mooch with a cone...he never got used to it and was always smacking into corners...

I hope things are good....


My Grama's Soul said...

Hi Z......You have been MIA for a while....so it is always good to hear from you. Love what you have done with your room....so very cozy. I would take loads of naps in there too. Hopefully that sweet pup of yours will be on the mend soon....It is NO FUN being a "cone head". LOL


Anonymous said...

So sorry about her losing the apartment. Must have been a total bummer for her. Hoping a new and acceptable place comes along for her.

Your paint looks great. I really like that room!


Robin Larkspur said...

I have been wondering where you have been! Love the color on the shelf unit, really rich and soothing. In fact your whole room is glorious. Maybe you take too many naps because of all the zzzzzzzzzzzz's on your walls, lol! Your poor doggy, I feel terrible for her. Hopefully after the healing she will be a happy girl again. Good luck to your daughter in her apartment search.

The Boston Lady said...

So glad I picked today to stop by. Those cabinets look wonderful - what a difference to the room - now it looks very cozy. Cozzzzzzzzzzy - love all your Zs! We are heading to Vegas end of July for a convention, please tell me the temps won't be that bad?!? It was last year when I drove through there, same time. I'm looking forward to seeing some good stuff off the strip while we are there (insurance convention). I hear getting an apt in NYC is very hard and competitive, hope she find something soon. She may want to check craigslist for the furniture. Thats how my son and GF furnished their place in LA on a shoestring. Ann

Susanne said...

Great color, love the name to! I'd love to pour over all those books too.

Poor puppy, we recently did the teeth cleaning too, only 6 had to be pulled and no warts. Hope she's feeling better soon and can get the cone off.

We're helping my son with a move as well and doing the Ikea and craigslist search. He's so picky, well only cause he doesn't share my taste!

Rebecca said...

I thought desert living was a dry heat!
Love the cabinet... love the room! It looks so comfy and cozy.
I have never been to an Ikea, I know, I must be the only person in the world.
I hope your doggie is better.
I am still in the studio, in the studio... that song echo's through my head.
Maybe it's the heat...
Stay cool

Charlene said...

I AM SICK OF THE HEAT!!!!!!!!We have been RV'ing & it is almost too hot! Sitting by the river & being able to get in is the only saving grace. And the big trees!

LOVE how the cabinets turned out!!! Really changed that room! It looks like a perfect little escape. I have the wallpaper in my studio on "THE LIST" I am sick of it! I wouldn't even join the Where Bloggers Create Blog Party because I'm not showing that paper again!!!! And sorry about the stomach bug... I had it 2 weeks ago & it was BAD!!!!!!!! Summer is a terrible time to have that (anytime is terrible but, summer's worse).

Anonymous said...

What a delightful blog! I love your decor style and those beautiful cabinets! Very nice...

Jacqueline said...

Nice to see where you hang out. Love the cabinet and I also love the way that room seems to surround you...almost like it's giving you a hug.
Yes, brag about your kids! Woohoo!
Sorry about the apartment...pain in the you-know-what having to start over.
Hope the pooch feels better soon.
Hot as Hades here in the great white north too!

d. reyné said...

I am so sorry about little Justice! I hope she feels better soon!
And the apartment thing...made me mad and I have never met DD!
I am having no luck looking for my adult children any furniture either these days!
My youngest just got to move to an apartment after spending the last tow years in a Navy Dorm.
He needs Stuff!
Mom is still looking!:)

Last but so not least....I LOVE THE CABINET!
That color suits so well you would think it came that way! It really makes that room uber comfy!
I have rattled on for too long many hugs, much love and YES! we will chat soon!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Hi Suzan
You did a great job on the cabinets ... great painting job!! you can go pro!! hehe.. .. and I love that little slip covered chair.. perfect..

That gazumping behaviour is illegal here [i think]... sucks!! hope she can find another.. You know I am still apartment looking too and sitting here right now trying to decide whether to apply for one in particular.. probably too late already...

Ok.. have a great week.. wild storms over my way.. and speaking of moons.. i think i recognize yours!!

ciao xxx Julie

A Cottage Muse said...

Z it looks just wonderful ~ the whole room is warm and inviting. Perfect for you!!

cindi said...

May I be the first to wish you a happy birthday, darlin'?

erin said...

i want to be the second to wish you a happy birthday! is it your birthday??

ohh, so stinkin hot and humid here too!! err...

the cabinet looks great...i have been painting some furniture too, using the "annie sloan chalk paint"...it works great!!

i am crossing my fingers that your daughter will find a place soon.....i know you won't feel settled until she does.


Carole said...

Oh knew some of this news but not that Hannah lost the apt. That stinks....oh also knew that IKEA's website sucked! haha

Love the cabinet!!!

ps...Happy Birthday!

sharon said...

Great work Z ! Love the way your room looks now and love to see what a great space you have to work from. Cosy, comfortable and chic! Also love your collection of Z's


Anonymous said...

I have a 'paint the armoire' project that keeps getting bumped down the list. Never thought to slap a little paint down the side so I'd have to get going on it! :) You have more going on at your house in one week than I do in a year, z...
Congrats to your DD for making the D'sL! Sorry about the apartment, but that just means there's a better one out there for her. I hope Justice gets the cone off soon.
the other Z

Jillayne said...

The news of your DD's apartment stinks! I really dislike when people do things like that - I think it shows a terrible side of human nature. I hope she finds an even better apartment with an even better landlord!
Having got that off my chest, I love that molasses colour on the cabinet! What a marvelous change that has made in your den; I'm inspired to start looking around here and see what I can paint!
As for Justice, I can't even imagine how miserable she must be. I hope the week flies by, and as each day passes she feels better and better. That's a heck of an ordeal for her, and for you too I think. Extra pats all around!

Bead and Needle said...

I love it to, Z! What a comfy room...congrats to Hannah, and you! Happy Tuesday - Tanya

Claudia said...

What a transformation, Z! Love the new look. I also love your white cabinet and chippy shelves - so pretty! Sorry about your daughter losing the apartment - NY can be very cutthroat! Congratulations on the Dean's List, as well.


Jane said...

Can I tell you how much I LOVE that room. It is cozy, warm, organized, functional....I could go on and on. That cabinet is perfect in your space and I love the new color. I love the cubbies, the suitcases on top of the cabinet, the basket on top of the cabinet, your shutters and that awesome piece with all of the books (is that a bench on top of it ?) You have created a beautiful haven to blog, read, watch TV and nap!!
Sorry to read about the apartment for your daughter. I'm sure that had to be frustrating. And your poor dog, I hope she is feeling more comfortable.
Yes it is hot here too so stay cool!!

Romeo said...

OH NO! Justice in the cone of shame?!! (from the movie "up") I am so sorry, but am certain that in no time at all you will have dumped that cone for your collar once again. My doggie girl Brandy, used to have those, although not as many and she too had to wear the cone of shame. It's just one of those unfortunates. Must be because you are a favorite doggie, Brandy was ;)

"She" loves the new paint on the cabinet - much better. But as far as projects go? Well, "she" is right there with you!! It never ends and can so relate to the list thing LOL

But this deal about Hannah's purrspective apartment and someone else snatching it out from under her?!? Let me at 'em, I'll whizz in their shoes and won't even need to leave a "sorry" note. I'm telling you. Mean people suck. Whiskers up Hannah, Karma my girl - something better waiting for you.


Romeo and "her"

kluless said...

Your room turned out gorgeous and it is SO gratifying to cross something off the list. Here's a laugh - I have what I always called my "long term" list. I only look at it about once a year and then I get to cross off a few things I have completed. Today happened to be "the day". I looked at it and there were only two things left so I said close enough and ripped it out of my planner and threw it away. I'm free!!!
Sure wish I could pack up some of our below normal temps and send them to you.

Lori said...

Oh I am soooo jealous!! My list is long and I haven't crossed anything off for a long time. Hmmmmm...NOW I'm motivated to do so. I love that room! So cozy, enveloping and just damn beautiful. I would find myself wafting away into sleep as well, with some very lovely dreams!

Evi said...

it turned out wonderful. I love the whole room...very artistic.
Funny how some things always get to the back of the pile, and when done are some of the most favorite things. This one was a big job.
Feel for you and your daughter(NY sure is cut-throat), and also for your little pooch.
Hope she is doing better soon.

Hugs, Evi

Sandy said...

It looks great. I wish I could cross the ga-zillion things on MY list : )

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

I love this room! The paint transformation is amazing---love the color! I have a completely unused living room/dining room combination! It's just wasted space. Trying to decide what to do with it, but as hubby has his hobbies occupying all the other rooms(besides the bedrooms) with his hunting and photography stuff, I am CLAIMING this space. As empty nesters we've claimed youngest daughter's upstairs bedroom as our study/office. We spend most of our time there! I do rug hooking and a little quilting and would love my own studio/workroom area!
Poor little pooch! I hope she feels better soon! I totally get it about the male dog hogging the comfy bed!

Theresa said...

I love me some molasses...that is a beautiful transformation!
Congratulations to DD, what a wonderful and I'm sure hard earned accomplishment! KUDOS TO HER!!!!!
I just read today's post, am glad she found another apt. I bet it's not easy in NY to find a good affordable one. Good luck with the furniture, I hope she finds just what she is looking for and at a bargain too!
Have a great weekend! t. xoxooxooxxo

Theresa said...

p.s. I think you need to feature those hour glasses on the top of the cabinet, they look FABULOUS! What a pretty and comfy space. xoxoxoxooxxo

Design Dork said...

That looks like a super cozy room and the cabinets look great painted!