Saturday, January 8, 2011

Heel Kickin'

Darling daughter has always wanted these,
but when you have calves the size of your wrist,
your lower leg sorta flops around
 in the top of the boot and you look 
like a little kid playing dress up in your Mom's shoes.

Let me start at the beginning:
I was thrilled to hear that Chania 
( whose name I have mispronounced for over a year, SO embarrassing, think Tanya with a CH)
would be visiting lala land this weekend.

We chatted briefly before her arrival about some things
 she would like to do when she arrived 
and Cowboy Boots topped the list.
Within about 10 minutes after picking her up, 
we were surrounded by thousands of boots
 at our local BOOT BARN.
Been here 34 years ~ never been there.

Only in blogland can you meet 
someone in cyber space,
get to know each other via emails, 
fly across the country, in her case, a 
different country, have some strange woman 
pick you up and cart you off to 
buy cowboy boots. Ya gotta love it!

Within about 60 seconds we were checking 
out the boots, being educated by staff 
about python, reptile, and ostrich,
and brand names, heel styles etc.  
Of course the first pair I spy that I want is around 300.00. Ostrich OUCH

Chania narrows her search down to a delicious pair 
with orange toppers and do you 
think I can find a pic on their web site? 
The closest I could find after 30 minutes of 
searching was this- just picture orange.
(neither of us remembered cameras)

Off we went up to Boulder City, a 30 minute drive
 for some mini antiquing, a lovely lunch, and
 then a quick run back to my home, 
where she met crazy Howie,
 but could not pet him or 
he would pee on her shoes, 
and also met DD soaking wet from a shower. 
Hannah's room too messy to show, 
my Krispy Christmas tree still waiting to come down.
Keeping it real folks.

All the while chatting and sharing and discovering that
we were both true to ourselves in our blogs. 
No surprises. I expected to meet a warm,
 intelligent, funny, sensitive woman
with good insights and depth of character
 and that is what I found. 
I did not meet a stranger, I met a friend.

I loved the look on her face when she 
learned we could be antiquing in CA in about 4 hours! 
"No way! I would have booked longer!" 
Me....Come back for a road trip with my friends" 
Ah, that feeling of friendship, 
excitement over shared interests. 
Next visit she'll stay with me and
 Howie won't be nervous and probably
 cuddle up in her bed if she'll let him.
He was already romantically licking her
socks and nuzzling her ankles while 
we visited in my studio. 

I was sad to return her to the hotel, but 
her hubby and friends were waiting 
for dinner and a show.
DD did a ride along on the return trip so
 that we could stop at the BOOT BARN after
 telling her that I had spied some coveted red boots.

34 years here never knowing of the BOOT BARN
 and I go into the place twice in 1 day?

DD ended up with these, fitting her stick thin calves.
She wore them down to CA this morning, beaming and
ready to kick up her heels.

I came home to a text from Chania about
 doing dinner tonight! 
We may do some heel kickin' of our own.
Life is grand. WOOT


erin said...

FUN TIMES!! how wonderful to actually meet another blogger in real life! oops...i have been pronouncing her name wrong too!! love them boots.........woot, WOOT!

time worn interiors said...

Wow! That sounds like fun, can I come? You sound like me live some where a long time and not even know something exists! Hope you girls have a great time kickin up you heels!

Theresa said...

That sounds like the perfect visit Z. keeping it real is what we have come to count on with you! Love the boots, I unfortunately have the opposite problem as Hannah and am hoping my calves ( and behind) are the first places I lose weight! Have fun tonight with round two! Theresa xoxo

A Quilter Awakens said...

The boots rock! Karmen

Pooch Purple Reign said...

im diggin the pink ones. have fun
~laura xx

Jacqueline said...

I'm so jealous of you two! Feel like the sister that got left behind! Have tons of fun!

Bead and Needle said...

I LOVE Boot Barn - one of my favorite fact, I just purchased a beautiful new pair of buckskin color Lucchese's this past November - NOTHING like a pair of good fitting boots! They're like wearing bedrooms slippers.

Carole said...

What nothing for you??? There's no carma in Now one blogger down....100 more to go!!!
Glad it was a good experience for you.

Beatnheart said...

How great is this story. Next time bring her to the Rose Bowl iN Pasadena. They have zillions of “already broken in” Cowboy boots at crazy cheap prices.

Olive Cooper said...

Wooty Wooty indeed. I can picture you two and the boots right now. Thanks for teaching me how to pronounce her name.

Rebecca said...

Well, it sounds like this is the week for meeting blogging buddies and starting out the year in friendship. So glad to hear your visit is going well and you are having a great time. Really, we have had the same week, life is good.

Anonymous said...

meet a blogger friend, buy awesome boots...I love it!

Char said...

what a fun fun day!

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Sounds like you had a blast Suzan
So lovely for you to meet up with one of your blogging buddies... and you know I've been silently pronouncing her name incorrectly too!!

Well I have the opposite problem with calves.. too many childhood years of tap dancing, jazz and athletics left me with big calves!! even when the rest of me was stick skinny.. soo sad.. hahahaha

Have a great week.. xxx Julie

sharon said...

Lucky lucky Chania! and lucky both of you for hitting it off so well. What fun this sounds, ... I know this is only the millionth time that someone writes this but ISN'T blogging a great thing?!
Thank you for sharing this fun moment.

PS I think I need some of those boots too.

Relyn said...

Such fun! Isn't it wonderful to meet blog friends in person? I love that.

marcia said...

Just catching up on posts and this one touched me. I could FEEL the love and friendship. You both are sooo awesome! And thanks for the correct pronunciation hahahaha.

and BOOTS? I gotta have some too!
I ride english but I just LOVE those cowboy boots!

happy day! sweet dreams!