Saturday, August 21, 2010

Saturday Rant

Kindness and consideration should be the norm not something
pulled out occasionally " just to be nice".

I witnessed some things this week that have stuck in my craw,
and I feel like a rant.

Last night I ran over to get a Bobbie Sandwiches at my local Capriottis,
( Thanksgiving in a sandwich)
and watched a man express extreme rudeness with no
provocation whatsoever.

They call your name when your order is ready and each time
he got up and yelled at the young man behind the
counter with "who did you just call?" Now granted, being
in a a casino it is quite noisy, but he sat about 30 feet away so
if he had hearing issues shouldn't he have
loitered a little closer? Yes, I said casino.
We here in lala land get pickup food at the casino
2 blocks from my house.

He finally got his order and before he sat down with it, he marched
over to the counter and threw his fries across the counter down
and over to the other side spewing them everywhere screaming "I said no salt!"
The girl who made them said quite nicely."Sir, there is no salt on them."
He pounded on the counter and said "make em again, NOW!" and sat down.

I was sitting next to the counter and heard the girl explain to a co-worker
there was no salt on them and asked what she was to do.
Then I see the guy's wife pick up one of her fries and taste it
and told him there was no salt. He ignored her.

I was then called to pick up my order.
When I got up there I said to the young man
"What an !#$%&^%"
He said laughing "yeah sure thing."
He then said "we're making them again the exact same way,
wonder what he'll do." I said "do you want me to stick around,
I'll ask for security to throw the bum out." He laughed, declined,
and said "they wouldn't do anything to him anyway."

As I walked by the guy I almost said something.
I have been known to do exactly that.
Oh, I was itching to. I actually paused, but I knew whatever
I said would fall on deaf ears, literally and figuratively.
Besides Hannah and I were in the middle of
Hepburn Movies- 4 classics in a row. Thank you TCM
So here are two young adults maintaining decorum while this
jerk of an adult sets a horrible example.


Earlier in the week, I'm standing in the market line and
up runs a guy humphing and huffing and searching for
the shortest line. There are three -15 item lines, but they have
a few people in them so he searches the other regular ones and
there are two more each having two people.
I'm one of the two with maybe 20 items.
He very loudly starts to yell to anyone
"hey get some more lines open here, I have to be somewhere."

Now he is not laden with diapers or formula rushing home to a
hungry baby or one with severe abdominal issues,
nor does he have prescription drugs for an ill family member. Not
even dog food for the pet he forgot to feed (who should bite his butt anyway).

He has a bag of pretzels and cheap beer.

So he sighs and harumphs and fidgets and gives the clerks dirty
looks and even though I did not want to, I wanted THIS GUY GONE so
I offered him my spot, he pushes past me, slams his stuff on
the counter without giving me a glance and says..
" about ^&%$#(* time"
He pays, throwing the bills onto the counter,
not even bothering to hand them to the clerk or
look at her and storms out.

The clerk, who I've known for years says
"What an #@$%*&^"
I laughed saying
" Yeah, sure thing."


Anonymous said...

On the french fry situation...I think the manager should have come out to defend his employee. I am not a fan of"the customer is always right" at the expense of an employee that is merely doing their job.You shouldn't let your employees be abused by customers amd throwing food at a worker is abuse in my book.
The grocery store encounter is just a glaring example of how so many people have entitlement issues. Their time is SO much more important than yours or anyone elses. You have hit on two of my pet peeves and I think you are right to rant !

sissie said...

Funny that you should post this today. I had my share of rude people today too. I do not know why these people think they are so special and can treat everyone else around them like garbage. Oh well, they will get their comeupence someday!


sissie said...

I meant comeuppance!

Kit said...

Oooo, I know what you mean, I can't stand folks like that. I love to hold on to the idea ~ what goes around comes around! And they will get their's in the end. Kit

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Some people just take the fun of the day to day things...It has to be hard to be soooo miserable....

Julie@beingRUBY said...

Nothing like a rant to make you feel better!!! maybe karma will catch up with big jerk... he might choke on a salt free chip.. hahaha

People are strange... whilst reading this I kept thinking about his poor wife!! Imagine having to make his meals everyday... arrrgggh..

Hope today is better Suzan.. xxx Julie

north pal said...

oh what a week for you.terribly hard to have humans behaving so poorly. as i read this, i could feel the skin on the back of my head shrivel. it does that all by itself,when i get so irritated with something like that!!! mercy,mercy. it's good you ranted.Bestest,Denise

Sherry Blue Sky said...

AAAAARRRRRRGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!! Those kind of people drive me BONKERS!!!!!!!!!!!

June said...

I am getting so mad just reading this Z. I can't stand it when people act this way. Luckily, I don't see much of it here in the small towns that I frequent, but I have the hardest time watching someone treat someone else badly. To me it is just not acceptable. My husband, however, is so patient when people are rude to him on the job. Cops take a lot of abuse sometimes and I love his response to people calling him names when they think they have been dealt with unfairly. He just says 'have you been talking to my wife about me?' He says they usually start to laugh and then apologize for their behavior.
I think you were a saint, not to have punched these guys. lol!

Kari said...

As a manager the1800house is so right. I would have killed that guy. My staff puts up with a lot of crap but they never ever EVER have to put up with abuse. It kills me hearing of kids having to figure out what to do with an unreasonable customer. My kids will tell you. GET A MANAGER!

oldgreymare said...

North Pal,

Glad I ranted here but I regret not ranting at him even though I would be lowering myself to his level. I just despise bullies.

Thanks for stopping by.


gail said...

What poor souls these two are. Ther's really nothing we can do but pray for those fellows. What sad lives they must lead being so rude to people. There is a saying that goes ''What you sow youwill reap'' Lets hope that someday they will change.

Blessings Gail

Becca said...

Reason no.99 I want to leave "la la land" and move to the pacific northwest, but in reality I know there are those kind of people everywhere unfortunately!

A Cottage Muse said...

Don't you ever just wonder how some people got so miserable!?

Olive Cooper said...

I am constanty amazed at the lack of civility and frank rudeness of some folk now. All the more reason to be kind and considerate for me any way. If some one gets huffy with me I know how to stand up. I was a prison psych nurse and I have seen and heard demanding, rude and ugly. Inmates have entitlement issues for sure. How were these people raised? That is the question I think. They were taught this by their parents probably. olive♥

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with you....why are people so rude! I was in line last Saturday at a thrift store (with my 8 yr old daughter) when a man who clearly knew I was in line to pay asked "are you in line?" I answered yes. He then started pacing back and forth and asked that I move up. I responded "I don't need to move up". He continued to ask that I move up and I couldn't help myself and argued with him. I stopped myself after seeing my daughter's concerned face. All because he felt I should move closer in a line that was serving one customer at a time either way...crazy! Thanks for letting me join in your rant:)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I do think service people get treated so rudely these days. They are just doing their jobs and for very little pay...they deserve more respect. I will say that we have a few issues like this with my father-in-law. As he has gotten older, he is much more harsh when he speaks to waitresses etc. He doesn't mean to be rude, but it can sound that way. We just apologize to them later and make sure they get a good tip!

Anonymous said...

Z ~
Now you know why I like living in a remote area. Those two guys should be required to go to a finishing school.
Hope you enjoyed the Hepburn movies - I've always loved those.
~ the other Z

Carole~Maynard Greenhouse said...

Ahhhh now I remember why i own my own place.....rude customers!
well if it gives you any comfort I don't take that **** I don't care if they get away with it anywhere else they ain't doing it here.
I think the word must have gotten out because it's been years since I had to throw someone out.
G says you shouldn't have rewarded that guy by letting him cut ahead of you...why did I even tell him:))

What did you say to me the other day?'s Vegas baby!!!
I heard the other day that Vegas has the most depressed ppl because of the heat and they have to stay inside all the time...makes sense I guess.
You need to move East lady!!!
ok sorry I should have put this in an email.

Jacqueline said...

Suzan...I've been reluctant to comment for fear of sounding sanctimonious. Goodness knows, especially this past little while, I know evil when I see it.
However, I ask myself this..."what is the rest of the story?"
A few years ago, my sister V and I made a mad dash to England, to the Isle of Wight, where our dear sister Lynne lay gravely ill.
We arrived in the nick of time and sighing a huge breath of relief went to meet her darling husband, our brother-in-law for dinner. He sped to meet us, with daughter and newborn grandson in tow and drove into the parking lot of the restaurant all too quickly.
A woman was walking her dogs and was alarmed by his arrival. She immediately leapt at darling brother in law to reprimand and scold.
Truth be told, he was driving too quickly...however no harm done. He was quick to acknowledge his mistake. Woman with dogs however could not let it go and proceeded to get right in his face and yell and scream.
How could she have known he had just left his dearly beloved wife, so close to death in the nearby hospice? She had no idea how difficult and terrible his day had been.
So, in times like these, because I had/have such wise and loving sisters...we need to look at these situations and ask ourselves..."what could the rest of the story be?"
And then ask the tenderest of questions..."And what would LOVE do"?

Debbie said...

The world is full of "jerks"! but thank goodness, there are plenty of pleasant people as well...kind of balances things out.

Romeo said...


Is it okay to confess that rude people are me number one peeve?!? Purr more, hiss less.

And "her" number one peeve as well. Seriously the worst kind of peeve. As in can ruin a day if you don't go home and take a shower ewwww hope it's not some virus to catch.

"Her" favorite saying:

Always be a little kinder than necessary.


Romeo and "her"

Pooch Morning Glory said...

it sure is difficult not to let other peoples "ick" on life affect us.
i guess we all suffer in different ways

The Little Red Shop said...

Well...huffy beer dude was probably on his way to rude fry guy's house! And we all know how HE gets when he has to wait.

Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

: )

Julie M.

Robyn said...

OHHH HOW frustrating! Several years back, I worked as a server a couple nights a week. I did this for about 10 years, always working in above average restaurants. You would totally be AMAZED at what you see and hear! But it's the sweet people that are kind, fun or nice that keep you going. Two things DRIVE ME CRAZY, when in a restaurant or even McDonalds, when the customer says, "Give me _____" and on the other end when the server or pizza delivery guy says when you pay, "do you want change?" URGH! ;-)